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Check out these 19 awesome photo spots in Miami!

Sometimes beautiful places are closer than you think. At Fracture, we’re always trying to find the next beautiful moment to capture, and we encourage others to do the same because it preserves a memory, a moment, an adventure. With that in mind, we’ve been exploring and showing you more of our journey to celebrate the most beautiful spots across our country.

We started with our own backyard, Gainesville, and now we’re heading over to Miami to, as Will Smith recommends, party in the city where the heat is on.

One of our friends, Edin Chavez, shares some of the most beautiful photo spots in the area.

– Drew

What do your Miami pictures look like? Comment below or share on Instagram with the hashtag #FractureExplores!


The Author

Edin Chavez

Edin Chavez

My name is Edin Chavez and my philosophy of life is simple, smile, love and live to your full potential. Never look back and wish what you could have done, go out and do it!
I live in Miami Beach and love it. I live a very simple life, my dogs, the sun, my skateboard and the beach. I love to be outdoors and I love to take photos.