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Your wedding photos are some of the most cherished photos you will own in your lifetime. At least until you have a kid. You owe it to yourself to have an amazing plan not just for your professional photos, but for all of the great candid moments captured by your friends and family at your wedding. We found these three options that might be perfect for your big day! All of them are for both Android AND iOS. Here we go.


1. Wed Pics

It’s “everything you need in one wedding app,” and it’s free! The main feature of Wed Pics is that it collects unlimited photos and videos from your guests that you can sort into albums within the app. The app also offers maps and directions to any location you wish to share. This is handy for out of town guests or those trying to get to an unfamiliar place. You can even add the URL for the venue so guests can check it out online ahead of time! Event details, like time, date and description, can be posted for any wedding festivity, essentially acting as an e-vite. Wed Pics does a great job of keeping all guests in the loop. It also has a registry section that links with all major retailers so guests can find the perfect gift without a hassle.

Wed Pics simplifies all aspects of wedding planning and makes it easy and fun to look back on the big day. One final cool feature we’ll mention is the countdown in the corner of the home screen that lets you know how many days you have before you tie the knot. Exciting and terrifying all at the same time.


2. Wed Social

Wed Social is another free app that combines many features of the wedding planning process. It has a photo collection feature that gathers images from all guests. You can even add filters and memes to photos before uploading them (which could be dangerous). Event details, hotel accommodations and directions can also be shared with guests. Along with more logistical features, Wed Social provides the opportunity for guests to comment on and “love” photos on the feed. With every Wed Social account comes a free WeddingWire.com website.

On the website there are planning tools that assist with checklists, guest lists, seating charts and more. This app is perfect for couples concerned with all details of their wedding. Features like budget calculators and search tools make Wed Social one of the top wedding planning apps.


3. CapsuleCam

CapsuleCam is a more photo centered app that’s also free. It has its own camera within the app and instantly posts all photos taken with it to your Capsule. It also links to Instagram and imports all photos to your Capsule that are tagged with the Capsule join code hashtag. Not all photos have to be taken with the camera app though. Photos and videos from any device can be uploaded to your capsule directly on the web. From your capsule, you can share on social networks, project a real time slideshow or comment on and “like” photos in the Capsule. This is especially popular for guests who can’t attend but are still connected with the app.

Another feature is the marketplace where guests can order prints of all sorts (except for amazing glass ones). The bride and groom can also create a digital photo book that can be shared on social media. Capsule conveniently links to wedding websites on The Knot, so that photos automatically display there in addition to your Capsule. CapsuleCam is more about the photos and less about assisting in the planning process.


BONUS APP: Instagram?

Instagram, the free app that we can’t live without. This seems like an obvious choice and can satisfy to a point, but there are a few things that make Instagram concerning when considering weddings. Although you can create a specific hashtag, at the end of the event all you can do is see the photos, you don’t have the photos in a way that you can do anything with. Although this is typically known, it’s important to point out that you can’t save images from Instagram without some serious work that usually ends with a low resolution photo. Most photos uploaded to Instagram are shaped in a square, so even though you went through the trouble of saving the photos, a low-res square image won’t give you very high quality print (except those awesome 5″ square Fractures!). To get around the issues of Instagram, you can ask guests to save images to their camera roll and upload them into some sort of dropbox, or one of the apps we talk about above. Overall, Instagram requires a lot more effort compared to other apps designed specifically for capturing your special day.

More on why Instagram is a less popular choice for weddings  right here.

A wedding day is filled with unforgettable memories, make sure you plan ahead and have the right tools to capture them!

Any other photo apps for weddings that we’re missing? Let us know below! 


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Lauren Wilson

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