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In addition to being the Marketing Director here, I’m a bit of a tech nerd. I’m not a developer, but really interested in app development, and the way Apple and other big tech companies grow and change.

As such, I’ve become a big fan of the Accidental Tech Podcast. They really got me with their reference to the “load-bearing pinky” (about holding your iPhone to use your thumb to tap the top row of apps.)

Recently one of the hosts (Casey Liss) had a baby, which is awesome. On one ATP episode they discussed taking photos of the baby and how that would go, and that conversation gave me the idea to interview Casey for the blog here about how his baby photography adventure is going so far.

He was happy to give daddy duties (and Crossy Road) a quick break to answer my questions. Enjoy! (BTW most of the photos you see here of Casey are from his Instagram.)

Drew: Congratulations on the new baby! What camera are you using most often to take pictures of Declan? (Smartphone, DSLR, Point-and-Shoot, etc.)

Casey: Thanks! I’m primarily using an Olympus O-MD E-M10 that I bought on Shawn Blanc’s recommendation specifically because Declan was coming. It’s the nicest camera we’ve ever owned, and the first one with interchangeable lenses.


When not using the Olympus, I’m using my iPhone 6 or my wife Erin’s iPhone 5S. We chose the Olympus because it’s reasonably compact while still taking awesome pictures.

Drew: Why would you say you use one over the other?

Casey: We use the Olympus whenever we’re deliberate about taking photos. We use our phones opportunistically.

Drew: If/when you use a phone to take photos of the baby, do you use a specific app, or just the iOS Camera app?

Casey: The camera app. I know plenty of folks that are obsessed with either VSCOCam or Camera+; I’ve never seen the draw myself. If I do know that I’m taking a photo specifically for Instagram, then I will use that app to take the picture.

Drew: Any tips on posing or getting the right look/angle/expression from your baby?

Casey: Someone told me once to get at their level. I find that photos taken at Declan’s eye level, even if that’s on the floor during tummy time, tend to come out a bit better.

Drew: If you had to ballpark it, how many photos of Declan would you say you’ve taken?

Casey: He’s 6 weeks old, and we’ve kept around a thousand, give or take. Seriously. That doesn’t count the eleven gazillion that we took in utero, nor the fourteen gazillion we’ve taken and tossed.

Drew: Is that amount of photos more or less than you were expecting?

Casey: It’s around what I expected. Part of that is me finally being able to scratch the itch of having a great camera. Most of it is just taking a zillion pictures of our first kid, though. 🙂

It has created a bit of discomfort from a technological standpoint, however, as hard drive space is going to be an issue soon. We have a really big NAS in the house, but I prefer the redundancy of having my photo library’s source of record being my computer.

Drew: What has been the most surprising aspect of fatherhood and its relation to photographing the growth of your newborn?

Casey: Aside from the sheer volume of pictures we’re taking, I’d say that technically impressive pictures really don’t matter to me. The content/moment/context of the picture matters so much more. This is a great example of this phenomenon.

Drew: Congrats again on your new addition. My wife and I are house-hunting, and we’re already getting lots of “Now you can have babies!!” which is always fun/terrifying.

Casey: Thanks, Drew. Congratulations on your “new addition” as well! The moment we bought we were immediately asked – repeatedly – when we were filling the house. Oy.

What a great interview, and I’m super grateful to Casey for taking the time!

This image isn’t Casey or his son, just an adorable baby photo.

Now I turn to you blog readers, particularly those who have recently had babies, to give me your answers to these questions! What did you use to take photos of the baby? How many photos have you taken so far? Let us know on Twitter!


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