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Looking to step up your iPhone photography? Check out our Moment lens review to see if one of the three lenses is right for you.

Interchangeable Moment Lenses For The iPhone?

Yeah, you read that heading correctly. Interchangeable lenses (not clip-on) for the iPhone and a few select Android phones really do exist. Before reading this Moment Lens review, I want you to know I just switched to team iPhone. I must admit the iPhone camera is much better than my previous Droid Turbo’s camera.

I can only imagine what abilities the Moment Lens will add to the already strong iPhone camera. Like several new companies, Moment Lens was able to start doing business due to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Since their beginning in 2014, they have launched several new products through their continued use of Kickstarter.

Three Essential Lenses

I’ll be reviewing three of the Moment lenses. The first lens is the 60mm Original Tele Lens, great for portraits. Followed by the 18mm wide lens which Moment dubs as the Original Wide Lens. Last on the list is the 170° Original Superfish Lens.


How do the lenses mount?

Let’s talk mount-ability. If you were wondering, there are a couple different ways to mount the lenses to the iPhone. The way I chose is by using their metal lens mounting plate. The mount is both simple to use and adds a nice touch of style. It adheres to the back of the phone, so you’d better get the alignment right the first time. I discovered if the mount wasn’t aligned correctly, then vignetting would happen on the edge of the frame. This was a relatively easy fix with the aide of a hair dryer to heat the adhesive which allowed me to slide the plate into the correct location.

The other option for the lens mount is with one of Moment’s phone cases. They offer a variety of cases to choose from.

18mm Original Wide Lens

The 18mm wide lens gives the camera enough of an edge to keep Instagram followers wondering what kind of DSLR the image was shot on. Consequently few would know the image was actually shot on an iPhone with the aide of the Moment Lens.

After shooting with the wide lens, it quickly became the lens I enjoyed shooting on most. It allowed the camera to have a wide angle and wasn’t too zoomed in. I expected a decent amount of distortion, but fortunately there was only a little distortion on the edge of the frame. The 18mm lens is my choice for a daily shooter out of the three lenses I shot on. 

60mm Original Tele Lens

The 60mm telephoto lens is great. Before using it I was skeptical due to having a habit of never using zoom on cellphone cameras because of the poor resolution they yield. Furthermore, it allowed the camera twice the zoom as opposed to shooting without the lens. I was able to frame up my shots so the subject was in focus and the foreground was nice and soft.

In order to get the focus how I wanted, I used the Moment photo app. There I was able to adjust my exposure, focus, and temperature. Using the lens and the app really gives iPhone photographers the edge needed to set their images apart from the rest of the community.

170° Original Superfish Lens

The Original Superfish Lens is just that. It puts the super and the fish into Superfish. The most obvious when shooting with a fisheye lens is the intense distortion. The challenge is finding a subject that can harness the distortion this lens creates. Do note that when I shot the above photo of our office dog Rajah, I was about three-inches from his nose. The Superfish lens provides a great solution for capturing a lot of detail in a very tight space and adds unique character to your photos.

Which Moment Lens is right for you?

After playing with the lenses for a few days I learned that each lens has its abilities. All three provided great focus and even lighting.

The order in which I have chosen to rank them is based on my everyday photography demands. First on the list is the 18mm Original Wide Lens. The 18mm lens was my favorite because it was the most practical for my daily demands. I prefer to shoot landscape and cityscape photographs, which are typically wide angle shots.

My second choice is the 170° Original Superfish Lens. The Superfish provided a higher quality image than I expected due to the edges being in focus as well as the subject. Plus this lens is just fun to shoot on because of the unique distortion.

Last on the list is the 60mm Original Tele Lens. The Tele Lens works very well for portrait work, allowing for the ability to have the subject in focus and the foreground nice and soft. I’m not sure if it’s last on the list for me due to not liking zoomed images on cellphones or because portrait work is not my preferred shot choice.

The Verdict:

I have nothing bad to say about any of the lenses. Therefore if you’re trying to decide which one is best for you then I recommend figuring out what you like to shoot. The Moment Lenses will provide you with a high quality, budget friendly solution to give your iPhone images a more unique look.

Have you tried any of the Moment lenses? Which is your favorite?


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