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The beauty of working at a startup is the endless ability to learn, change, and grow. By reaching out to other photo-based startups, we’re able to get a glimpse of the future of photography and how we can all work together to better that future.

This is how we discovered ONA, a startup that is making waves in the camera bag industry. After a little chatting about life, love, and the pursuit of peanut butter, we exchanged products and agreed to review each other’s offerings.

This is our “110%-honest-no-gimmicks-no-filters-everything-on-the-table” review:

ONA, meaning “to feel,” “to believe,” and “to experience” in Swahili, captures the essence of photography and style through their premium camera bags and accessories. Products are handcrafted, with materials sourced from high quality, responsible vendors around the world. Born from the integration of style and function, ONA believes that “camera bags and accessories should be rich and imaginative, like the photos you love to take.”

Now, these premium bags do come at a premium price. So why dish out the big bucks? We decided to order one of their canvas messenger-style camera bags and find out!

The day our bag arrived felt like Christmas all over again. Or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. Or your favorite birthday where you got that one thing you wanted more than anything else.

Meet, “The Brixton.”





The first thing we noticed was that this bag transcended the word “attractive”. If there’s one thing we can commend ONA on, it’s style.  It not only looks top notch, but it also feels amazing to the touch.  The bag is made with water resistant, wax-coated canvas and feels just as sturdy as it looks.  The bag retains it shape easily, even when it’s empty. Detailed with full grain leather and antique brass tuck-clasp closures, the bag has a timeless appearance. Any photographer looking to make a stylish impression will have no problem doing so with this bag.

In terms of functionality, the four compartments are completely customizable with Velcro® attachments that allow the carrier to mix and match as they please, which we found to be super convenient.  A sleek magazine pocket on the back is great for carrying an iPad, journal, or paperwork.

According to ONA’s website, The Brixton is designed to hold a DSLR, 2-3 lenses and a 13” laptop. Our immediate challenge was to test it out!

We attempted to get all of this into our bag:


So what was the verdict?


SUCCESS! When it comes to utility, this bag definitely delivers.

So what were our negatives?

Well, the first and most obvious negative is that pretty little price tag.  Our bag is $269 and the leather counterpart of “The Brixton” comes in at a whopping $419. ONA is definitely targeting style-conscious photographers with disposable incomes. But, if you’re willing to pay top dollar, you’ll be receiving a top product.

We also noticed that the canvas exterior scratched easily due to the wax coating. A knick of the nail was all it took to leave a white scratch on the surface. However, those scratches are just in the wax and not the actual canvas, so it wouldn’t be too hard to buff them out.

So, at the end of the day, we give ONA bags a big thumbs up. Not only is this bag stylish and functional, but thanks to its discrete design, you can walk around the street without your bag screaming, “Hey! I have thousands worth of gear in here! Mug me!”  And that’s definitely a good thing.

So, to summarize:

Cool company. Sturdy protection. High quality. Brilliant design.

Sounds like a winner to us. Check them out at ONABags.com

Tell us about your favorite gear on our Facebook Page! What are your photog bag essentials? What type of bag do you use, and why?


The Fracture Team

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