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A furry friend might be the strongest force for good in the universe.

During difficult times, they’re also a trusted source of comfort and companionship. If you’re looking for something to entertain yourself and Fido this week, we invite you to participate in our pet photo challenge.

While it can sometimes be a struggle to take great photos of your pets, it’s always fun — and sharing those photos spreads an awful lot of joy into our digital world. For the next seven days, we’ll be posting a daily photo prompt for you and your pet on Facebook. We’d love for you to join us.

Here’s how it works:

    1. Go to our Facebook page. We’ll be posting each prompt at 12 pm EST.
    2. Comment with a photo of your pet.
    3. Enjoy all of the other good girls and boys on the post’s thread.

The official challenge starts Monday, March 30th and runs through Sunday, April 5th, but you can complete this fun challenge on your own social media anytime.

To make it easier, you can download all the prompts as a PDF. We look forward to seeing your pets!

Pet Photo Challenge

Day 1. Take a proper portrait of your pet.

This might be a little challenging — we know pets don’t pose for long!

Day 2. Take a selfie with your pet.

Bonus points if you wear matching outfits.

Day 3. Take a photo of your pet on a walk.

Now’s your chance to show off their walking skills.

Day 4. Take a photo of your pet taking a nap.

Does your pet sleep on their back, stomach, or with their feet in the air?

Day 5. Take a photo of your pet eating.

This is a great excuse to give them lots of treats.

Day 6. Take a photo of you playing with your pet.

Fetch is a fun one—or UNO, if you have a strangely-talented pet.

Day 7. Take a photo of your pet’s most impressive trick.


Yes, napping counts as a trick.

Here’s the PDF link again if you need it. For more activities to keep you connected and stay focused on what matters during these challenging times, head on over to our Stay Focused page.

You know how cute your pets are. Now’s your chance to share that lovable face with others.


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