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Hey guys, Anna again. Let’s talk about “stories.” Specifically the ones you see on Instagram and Snapchat. It’s almost impossible to see a photo story that doesn’t have doodles, stickers, or text all over the place.

Sometimes it’s hard to make your story stand out when all you’re using is the built-in features of Instagram. Well, I found a neat solution to make your stories stand out. It’s easy with A Design Kit, for iOS.

What is A Design Kit, exactly?

A Design Kit is a design app that allows the editor to add realistic brush strokes, fonts, designs, stickers, backgrounds and textures to any photo. You can take the photo with the app or upload one you already have, edit it, and save it to your phone.

Should I use this app?

You should use this app if you like adding flair to your photos. You know, something to spice it up. If you have an eye for unique colors and designs, adding text or stickers, this app is for you. If you’re not interested in that kind of effect-adding, this app probably isn’t for you. But feel free to check out these other apps, plenty of them have the normal photo editing options you might be looking for. It’s more for already-edited photos that you want to add things on top of.

What does it do exactly?

After you upload a picture from your phone, you have the option of changing the orientation. Once you click “CONTINUE,” you move to the next screen, which displays 4 buttons: “brushes,” “text,” “designs,” and “stickers.”

What are the pros?

This app provides an easy way to add beautiful artistic touches to a photo. It’s perfect for developing a unique design aesthetic for your photo stories on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. The most unique thing about this app is probably the realistic look of the brush strokes and the colors you can choose from. Because there are so many item options, this app usually has what you’re looking for.

Are there any cons?

This app doesn’t actually let you edit the colors of your photo itself. It doesn’t have any filters so if that’s what you’re looking for, this app probably isn’t the right fit.

How much does the app cost?

The app cost $1.99, but there are a couple of packages you can buy for 99 cents within the app. Some of the packages include a group of plant stickers or a handful of new lettering fonts.

Where is this app available?

This app is only compatible with iOS. Use it if you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Anything else?

In all of the app’s features, you can adjust the size and placement of objects as well as purchase new packages. Some packages are even free, you just have to download them.

Check out these awesome designs created with the app:

Ready for summer ☀️ Design by @mandimakes #adesignkit

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Rise & shine ☀️ #adesignkit

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They even have a hashtag #adesignkit for more inspiration. If you liked A Design Kit, the developer, A Color Story LLC., has two other apps available on iTunes.

Have you ever used A DESIGN KIT? Share your experience below!

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Anna Cappelli

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