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Today our CMO Herb Jones teaches us a fun way to collage some photos together. And that he does! 

At Fracture, we see a lot of photo collages.  We don’t mind, because they can be really cool. Whether you’ve just had some beach family fun, or you took amazing pics on your trip to San Francisco, photo collages can tell a beautiful story on your walls.


Creating your collage has never been easier, and there are tons of free online or app-based collage creation tools.  Here are a few of the free tools I checked out:

I didn’t need a fancy design style or template this time, because I had my mustache collage idea in mind. But many of the collage makers will offer you a wide variety of themed templates (both paid and free).   

This means you can create everything from Christmas cards to fun, spooky themed collages with special effects (via picmonkey).  I finally settled on Fotor to create my collage and the reason was that they had the perfect free template for my assortment of 8 images.

Getting Started with Fotor

Uploading my images was easy enough with Fotor, and after removing the placeholder imagery (flowers) I began adding in my images.  

Screenshot 2014-07-18 09.50.16

That’s when I ran into a small hitch.  I realized that I wanted a completely square collage, but Fotor’s default size was a 4:3 rectangle.  After scanning the various tools,  I noticed the image dimensions options on the bottom left of the toolbar.  


I unlocked the dimensions by clicking the small lock icon in between the two dimension fields which are set to a default of 1024 x 768.  I increased the second field to 1024 and, just like that, I had the square collage size that I needed.

Now, Off to PicMonkey!

After adjusting the images slightly to fit, I saved the image.  I then headed on over to another GREAT free photo editing and collage site, Picmonkey.com.

Picmonkey had the tools and options that I needed under their “design” menu option to personalize my collage.  The first step was to create a rectangular black background that was 768 x 1024.  This kept my 4:3 aspect ratio and would give me room above and below the collage for text:


I then used Picmonkey’s overlay feature to add in my Fotor collage:


Picmonkey has many different free overlay options and conveniently, one of them was a fun mustache-themed overlay.  I chose a mustache from the selections and added it above the collage–then I added in the text to personalize the entire project.

picmonkey collage maker font options

Picmonkey had a wide variety of fonts to choose from, and “playball” worked fine for what I wanted to put together.  Here is what my mustache-themed collage looked like:

mustache collage example

I can’t wait to see my father-in-law’s face when he sees this; he’s going to love it.  Especially since he’s sported a mustache for the better part of the past 40 years!

Now we mustache YOU a question. What fun photo memories have you collaged? Share with us on Twitter!


The Author

Herb Jones

Herb Jones

CMO of Fracture and father to four beautiful girls.

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    Thank You for the great tips and advise to get my operation moving foward!!!!