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You should follow these awesome photographers!

Instagram is a visual playground and an endless source of inspiration for artists, designers, business owners, DIY junkies, and all creative minds alike. Photographers have particularly taken to this platform as a tool to showcase their work, and we’re glad they have. Whether you want to look at the built environment from a fresh perspective, book a photographer for a wedding or special event, or see the world from the palm of your hand, these Instagram photographers have what you’re looking for – give them a follow!

Architecture and Design Photographers

1. @macenzo

Dirk Bakker is a graphic designer and photographer based in Amsterdam with a sharp eye for architectural patterns and unique photo compositions. Bakker’s work forces his followers to take a fresh look at the details that often are overlooked in the everyday architectural landscape. Bakker weaves a connection between graphic design and architecture, saying, “It’s all about shapes, form, layout, and patterns.”

Fun Fact: Bakker is a founding member of @SeeMyCity, which is an initiative that uses mobile photography to feature cities across the globe and celebrate their unique cultures.


2. @mikekus

Mike Kus was one of the first designers to start using Instagram to capture their work and the beauty they found in the world around them. The talented graphic and web designer has attracted a large following by showcasing stunning architectural structures and the glamorous places his life and work has taken him.

Fun fact: Mike Kus featured the seldom-seen backstage of Burberry’s fashion show for London fashion week on his Instagram!


3. @djlopau

Pau Iglesias, the creative mind behind Instagram’s djlopau, is a photographer with a taste for minimalistic and abstract design. An architect by trade, Iglesias co-founded an architecture firm that operates in Barcelona and Brazil. His Instagram feed features the beauty of the constructed environments in both locations, often with humans acting as details to create dramatic scale.

Fun fact: Iglesias shoots all of his stunning imagery on an iPhone 6!


4. @astrodub

Angeliki Jackson focuses her photography on subjects that are often considered commonplace and overlooked. Her Instagram feed is a surreal collection of rough textures and the industrial elements that characterize New York City’s landscape.

Fun fact: Jackson is a visual artist and has had her work featured in the Queens Museum of Art, among other galleries and exhibitions.


Wedding Photographers

5. @chrismanstudios

Erin Chrisman showcases the stunning shots she captures during another day on the job photographing weddings. She and four other award-winning photographers make up Chrisman Studios, which is based in both Charleston and San Francisco. Chrisman’s Instagram feed has no limit when it comes to destination, though. It will take you through every picture-perfect sunset, first dance, and tearful vow from an artistic perspective.

Fun fact: Chrisman Studios hosts workshops for the budding wedding photographer or someone looking for a new hobby!


6. @ktmerry

KT Merry’s  photography business takes her across the globe shooting destination weddings and editorials, and we can see why her work garners international demand. Her classic style is known for its natural light and attention to organic detail. Merry is your go-to for stunning natural shots!

Fun fact: KT Merry is the founder of @renderloyalty, which is dedicated to photographing and preserving threatened species.


7. @adam.alex_

Adam Alex has made a name for himself on an international scale for his gorgeous wedding photography. The English photographer uses a traditional style to capture timeless moments brimming with glowing couples and bright celebrations.

Fun fact: Alex’s work is not limited to wanderlust-worthy destination weddings. He has also shot multiple covers for bridal magazines, including Grace Ormonde.


8. @erichmcvey

Erich McVey is a master of wedding photography who has an eye for the magical details that make for an unforgettable night. His ethereal images look like they are straight out of a dream, which is undoubtedly the way his clients feel about their night when they look back at his photos. McVey balances light, composition, and those special candid moments in his foofproof photography equation.

Fun fact: McVey offers a pretty incredible online wedding photography course!


9. @ourindeliblelife

Eric Laurits knows exactly how to tug at the heartstrings through his Instagram feed. Laurits has a knack for capturing the subtle, intimate moments that make a wedding uniquely special. His style is a careful mix of classic, artistic, and quirky.

Fun fact: In addition to wedding photography, Laurits shoots headshots for business professionals and actors.


Travel Photographers

10. @kirstenalana

Kirsten Alana takes her Instagram followers along every step of her travels through the mini-blog posts she includes in her captions. Her tips and recommendations for all of the best local spots add a personal element to her already incredible adventure shots.

Fun fact: Kirsten created the hashtag #ThoseCubanStreets to highlight the island’s distinct culture and colorful beauty.


11. @danielkordan

Daniel Kordan (and his Instagram feed) has seen it all, from Norway, to Russia, to Italy, to Japan, to New Zealand, and the list does not stop there. His landscape photography and evident passion for icy subjects leave his followers breathless.

Fun fact: Kordan has been published by the likes of Discovery and National Geographic, and we can certainly see why.


12. @bemytravelmuse

Kristin Addis promises to take you off the beaten path through her Instagram photography, and succeeds with every post. The adventures she visually showcases through her Instagram are documented in her travel blog, also named Be My Travel Muse.

Fun fact: Addis is a former investment banker who traded her corporate life for the endless adventures that come with being a photographer.


13. @laurenepbath

Lauren Bath is known as Australia’s first professional Instagrammer. The marketing professional documents her extensive travel through her widely popular Instagram profile, which is addictively colorful.

Fun fact: Bath runs a business that promises to equip you with the skills to start your own immensely successful travel blog too through a one-day conference called “The Travel Bootcamp”. Sign us up!


14. @daveyoder

Dave Yoder’s photography seems too good to be taken by human hands. Perhaps that is why he works as a regular contributing photographer for National Geographic? This immensely talented photographer knows exactly how to tell a compelling visual story, and his Instagram feed gives followers a peek at his world-class work.

Fun fact: Yoder’s laundry list of high-end clients includes Gucci, Smithsonian, the New York Times, and aforementioned National Geographic.


15. @thiswildidea

If Theron Humphrey didn’t convince us to follow his Instagram account with his travel photos, he did by featuring his adorable dog Maddie as the subject of most of his posts. Humphrey showcases his cross-country adventures with his two closest companions. Bring on the wanderlust and all the warm-and-fuzzies.

Fun fact: Humphrey’s travel photos won him the prestigious National Geographic Traveler of the Year Award.


Who are your favorite photographers to follow on Instagram?


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Anne Redmond

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