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This week was a big one for the digital camera industry.  I’m not talking about DSLRs or smart phone cameras, but those point and shoots that we used to all carry around but are rarely used or talked about these days.  Seems like companies are realizing that it’s not enough for cameras to just take photos anymore, they need to join the party and get connected.

Polaroid announced that they have created a “smart camera” that allows you to instantly share images you snap on the device.  The Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera lets you upload, tag, and share your photos directly from the camera to your favorite social networks.  The camera is powered by android and has built in wireless capabilities to make social sharing a reality.

Similarly, Kodak recently announced that they were releasing two cameras that were integrated with Facebook to allow for instant sharing.  The Kodak Easyshare M750 and the Kodak Playful Dual Camera do all the fancy things you expect out of your digital camera, but then have the added bonus of instant Facebook sharing, emailing, and posting to Youtube.

What you’re seeing is a move from these major camera developers to create equipment with similar specs and functionality to the smart phones that have moved in on their turf.  With the iPhone 4s being the second most popular camera used on Flickr (second only to the iPhone 4), it’s no surprise that point and shoot manufacturers are pushing to create cameras that do some of the things our phones are now easily capable of.

I’m curious though, are integration and share features going to make you look to a point and shoot again?  Or have smart phone developers set the bar so high with their devices seemingly endless capabilities and frequent enhancements, that Kodak, Polaroid, and others in the game will have to come with some serious innovations to get you loving them again?

Me, I’m still using an LG Rumor 2 circa 2009…..but I’m accepting old iPhone 4 donations!  (please send to 110 SW 6th St., Gainesville Fl, 32601)

Source for featured image: Flickr – Digitpedia Com


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