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A boy and his dog.

At Fracture, we believe some of the best dogs come from animal shelters. Unfortunately, in the U.S., only about 20% of owned dogs actually come from shelters. That percentage could increase if more folks took advantage of shelters and the amazing dogs that wait there! Thankfully, Beth Zavoyski is trying to make that happen.

Through her series of photos titled ‘Shelter Dogs Uncaged’, Beth is helping people see the true personalities of shelter dogs. They’re out of the shelter, out of the cages and they’re pretty darn cute. Beth has been volunteering at our local animal shelter for almost three years, and is using her photos to help spread the love for shelter animals. “I think I’ve been able to get some images that show folks that shelter dogs are normal, sweet, beautiful, and happy dogs,” she says. We couldn’t agree more Beth!

“I think I’ve been able to get some images that show folks that shelter dogs are normal, sweet, beautiful, and happy dogs”

At Fracture, there’s nothing we love more than dogs, coffee, and high-quality photography. So we teamed up with Beth and Volta, a local Gainesville coffee shop, to display the adorable pups on–you guessed it–Fractures! What could possibly make this even better? Well, if anyone decides to purchase one, a portion of the proceeds  will go back to helping the shelter to help purchase new beds for the kennels. Without these beds, the dogs would have to sleep on the concrete floor that is often cold and wet–yuck!

Since we know not all of you can make it to see the display in person, here’s a little preview of the kinds of animals that will be featured:

Our office dog, Raja.

First off, meet Rajah! Rajah holds a special place in our hearts because he’s our office dog here at Fracture! He is also, hands-down (paws-down?), the goofiest member of our team. Rajah is a great testament to the wonderful things rescue dogs have to offer! He was rescued from the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida, and now holds the longest running ‘Employee of the month’ winning streak!

Cheeko is an awesome shelter dog.


Cheeko is a gorgeous dog with one blue eye and one green eye! He was found as a stray, roaming around near a medical facility. His owners were eventually contacted, but chose to surrender him to the shelter. The first time Beth met Cheeko, she noticed something a little odd about him. She tried to get his attention by calling his name and clapping her hands, but Cheeko wasn’t responding. It turns out, Cheeko was deaf. Thankfully he was soon adopted from the shelter, and now lives with a loving family!

 Miss Piggly is a great shelter dog.

Miss Piggly

Besides having the most adorable name in the group, Miss Piggly is a sweetheart. She came to the shelter as a confiscation case. Basically that means she was being abused by her former owners and was taken to the shelter. Because of her sweet nature and love for snuggling (awwww!) she was a favorite of all the volunteers. Thankfully, Miss Piggly went to a rescue group and was soon adopted by a loving family!



Zeus is an adorable little guy who lives up to his powerful name. He was surrendered to the shelter by his owners as a little puppy. This is a pretty common way dogs end up in shelters. Many people who aren’t able to care for their pups, hand them over to the shelter in the hopes that they will be adopted and have a better life. Luckily for Zeus, he was adopted and didn’t have to stay at the shelter for long!

preview_284168 copy


Block was confiscated and brought to the shelter due to cruelty. He was found with another dog, affectionately called his brother. Block and his ‘brother’ were severely injured when they were found. Both of them lived outside and were tied up on chains. It took a while, but they were both eventually nursed back to full health! Block is a loveable and goofy dog and an all-time favorite for the shelters volunteers and staff. In June of 2013 Block and his ‘bro’ were both adopted. We just love happy endings like this, don’t you?

preview_284167 copy

You should consider adopting a dog from your local animal shelter! You’ll be glad you did! 


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