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We know every Fracture holds a special place in our customers’ hearts. However, sometimes we’re surprised at just how many remarkable moments one picture can represent. We reached out to customer Jennie Muscanell and her story definitely shows how a picture is worth a 1,000 words.

The Story Behind the Fracture 

hearttrain copy
Photography by Jennie Muscanell

To Jennie, this photo is more than just celebrating the love between two siblings. It’s about the celebration of overcoming fertility issues. She described her daughter Mallory’s arrival as “long awaited.”

Like any excited mother, Jennie started thinking of photo shoot ideas while pregnant with Mallory. Thanks to trusty Pinterest, she was inspired to create the photograph above.

“I set up an area in our living room near a big window and I took lots of pictures with both kids,” Muscanell said. “Maddox (Jennie’s son) enjoyed dressing up with the baby and she didn’t seem to mind.”

Creatively Display your Fracture

After receiving her Fracture, Jennie went above and beyond with her display. Her print now hangs next to a growth chart as a way to cherish how small her children once were.

We really like how the heart-shaped train tracks illustrate that the journey toward pregnancy can sometimes be long and winding, but always shaped and driven by love.  

Photography by Jennie Muscanell

Fun fact: Fracture’s CMO, Herb, liked this idea so much and is in the process of creating a growth chart to display next to a Fracture of his four little ones.

We’re so thankful that Jennie was willing to share this touching photo with us. We hope stories like this will not only inspire you to preserve special moments with photographs, but to also print and display them. We promise you won’t regret it.

Is there a special story behind your Fracture prints?

Comment and let us know! 


The Author

Bridget Anderson

Bridget Anderson

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