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Use this guide to take incredible timelapses with your GoPro or iPhone.

If you want to get good at something, there’s no better way than to practice.

Pretty cliché, but still true when it comes to your camera and what you can do with it. If you’ve got an iPhone or GoPro, timelapses are probably on your “Top 10 Lists” of everything you want to do with your gear. And, who doesn’t appreciate beautiful landscapes compressed to just a few seconds of breathtaking video? Follow these three steps to achieve the best quality timelapse.

1. The Right Gear

Always have a good tripod handy when shooting timelapses. In this case, the heavier the tripod, the more stable your final video will be. Tripods are also always welcome when shooting on tough terrain.

One of the best devices you can buy online is a panoramic mount head that will slowly rotate your camera 180 – 360 degrees. This makes for an incredible effect that allows you to capture more of your environment and is excellent for tracking a sunrise or sunset.

2. Good Timing

I can’t tell you guys how many times I’ve had to go back to a location because my first timelapse didn’t come out as planned. Wether you run into unexpected Florida weather or big crowds of people, timing is everything when capturing the perfect panoramic timelapse. Try to control as many factors as possible to ensure the best shot.

Pro Tip: download a weather app and choose a less busy time of day to increase the chances of getting your desired shot.

3. Patience

As mentioned before, timelapses take a lot of practice to get right, let alone master. However, you should find something to occupy your time while waiting for your recording to finish. Bring your homework, a good book, or take some time to enjoy nature.

Whether it’s a sunrise or sunset, a good timelapse recording will usually take your between 8-10 minutes to finish depending on what you’re trying to capture. We think that the longer you’re recording, the more marvelous your final take will be.

Fracture intern Taylor hangs out in a hammock during timelapse shooting at Paynes Prairie in Micanopy, Florida.

Have you tried taking any timelapses? Share your pictures with us in the comments!


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Eric Kinney

Eric Kinney

Photographer for Fracture. Passion for telling stories through imagery and immortalizing them through compelling mediums.