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Fantastic photo gift ideas for under $100!

Deck the walls with fabulous photos, fa la la la la la la la la. Time to go from drab to fab this holiday season and become the ultimate gift giver. Toss away the cuff links, ties, and ugly sweaters and pick up our brand spankin’ new personalized photo gift guide. This guide will transform your favorite pictures into unique and thoughtful gifts. Ready your credit cards, set up the gift wrap, and SHOP!


1. Snow Globes


Nothing says Christmas like a classic winter wonderland snow globe. This gift becomes even more magical when you can personalize it with your own photo. We love this idea for the kids on your list!


2. Guitar Picks


Any musician or music lover on your gift list will love these creative guitar picks. If your gift recipient in passionate about music but isn’t musically inclined, use a hole punch to make the pic into a unique necklace or keychain.


3. Notepads


The gift that keeps on giving. From grocery lists to lunchbox notes, this notepad is perfect for your friend that’s always on the go. 


4. Fractures 

Starting at $15

Obviously we are a little biased with this one, but a photo printed on pure glass in a timeless and beautiful gift for anyone on your nice list. Can’t pick a picture? Send them a Fracture gift card so they can create their own.


5. Magnets

Starting at $15.99

These adorable magnets will bring your favorite Instagrams and photos to life. They come in three different options: classic, jigsaw, and retro.


6. Coasters

$24.99 for a set of 12

This holiday season, have your guests place their cranberry cocktails and eggnog on sweet photo coastersYour friends and family will love this adorably functional gift.


7. Playing Cards


Go Fish! Customize a one-of-a-kind deck of cards with your favorite picture. Not only is this a great gift for the holidays, but good old fashioned fun for family and friends.


8. Marshmallows

$25 for a set of 9

It’s so fluffy!! These marshmallows allow you to print your favorite snapshots into a delicious treat. Give them to your favorite hot chocolate afficionado, or suprise your friends with some unforgettable holiday smores. 


9. 3D Viewfinder


Our first photo gift idea throws it back to the good ole days. Growing up, we loved popping in a wheel and watching our favorite movies come to life. Now, It’s time to take it to the next level and bring your own photos to life by turning them into a 3D Viewfinder. Make this gift an annual tradition to encapsulate each year’s special memories. 


10. Tear-away Calendar


This tear off 365 day calendar is a fresh take on a traditional photo calendar. It’s aesthetically pleasing and a beautiful way to display art, instagrams, or special memories. 



11. Wine Box


Turn the traditional gift of a nice wine into a poignant keepsake with this personalized wine box. Even when the wine is gone, this sweet box will be a special memory for whoever receives it. We love the idea of giving it to a newly married couple with one of their wedding pictures! 

No matter what your budget or who you’re giving to, these photo gifts are sure to knock it out of the park with even the trickiest members of your list.

What photo gifts have you given over the years? Let us know in the comments


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Jessica Simmonds-Short

Jessica Simmonds-Short

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