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Some pretty sweet wedding shots with even sweeter stories behind them!

There are many milestones to celebrate throughout life. But few we celebrate with more grandeur and joy than the day we get married. There are so many perfect moments captured at your wedding that you’ll want to remember forever.

We found some examples of incredible wedding moments captured so well that we wanted to share with you. Not just to inspire you, but hopefully to bring to mind your own happy memories of young love.

1. Tradition

In the Indian tradition the groom and his family are supposed to walk through the village dancing and celebrating the wedding until they meet the bride’s family. In this case they walked up the venue’s circular parking ramp to the top, and that is where I was waiting for them because I knew that it would be a climatic moment.” –Ueda Photography

2. Ambiance

“It had already been a long day by the time the two brides got a chance to preview the reception hall decorations at the Coral Gables Country Club in Miami, and they had been surrounded by their families and friends all day long. Just minutes before, they had officially tied the knot and were getting ready for a long evening of dancing. They walked into a room bursting with candlelight, causing the room to glow in a faint amber color, and we stood back to give them a moment to themselves. They stood on the dance floor, first admiring the beautiful decor, and then turned to each other.” –Steve Daubs Studio

3. Elegance

We had just finished a full Catholic Mass in Downtown Orlando a few blocks away from this sensational venue – the Dr. Phillips Center for the Arts. After we traveled from the church to the venue we only had about 15 minutes for couples photos. Ashley & Ben wanted some pictures at night in front of the venue. I lit them up with some speed-lights that I had on hand very quickly and grabbed a few shots.

We proceeded to take them inside for some stairwell photos. I always like to get ahead of my couple to take some natural walking photos where they are not paying attention to me. Since we were a bit crunched for time, I ran ahead of everyone not realizing that my assistant was right behind them with my strobe & pocketwizards still on. When I saw the flash of light I looked down at my camera very quickly to see my results and ended up loving it. I grabbed a few more while they crossed the road but I ended up going with the very first one.” –Earthmuse Photography

4. Innocence

“This photo was shot in a park in Queens, NY near the venue. It was a very stressful day, nothing was going right for the couple who were doing a DIY wedding; friends and family were late, the park was super crowded and there was no space for photos. I had grabbed a bag of rose petals before we headed out for photos that day and when we saw the kids playing I asked the couple to sit down on the bench then I gave the kids the petals to throw on the bride and groom! They were immediately happy and relieved from the stress of the day!” –Stylish & Hip Wedding Photography

5. Passion

“One of my favorite parts of a wedding is after everything dies down and the bride and groom can finally relax with their loved ones and have a good time… until I pull them away for sunset photos of course! I had known Alison and Taylor for about a year prior to their wedding and I knew they were up for anything that I threw at them.

The sunset was a bit tricky that evening and I couldn’t decide the best time, so I waited and waited. Finally, I pulled Taylor and Alison from their party and rushed for some more pictures, I told Taylor to give Alison the most passionate kiss ever (and boy did he!), had my assistant flip up Alison’s veil, snapped a few more poses, and back to the reception we went!” –Shelly Williams Photography

6. Family

“This photo was shot in Tampa, FL in a museum garden. After the ceremony the couple wanted to get a special wedding photo, and here is what we got after fifteen minutes of hard work. A great wedding photo may only contain the bridegroom and the bride, but it often needs help from both of their families and friends, and a good photographer, to capture a perfect moment. The Bride loved this photograph, and I was glad that I got them the best picture.” –Jiantao Shen Photography

7. Journey

“Every once in a while we’ll get a chance to photograph destination weddings. This image was actually taken on a Monday, two days after their wedding. Since it was a destination wedding, we wanted to take images that really portrayed the wedding location as well as the couple.

We felt like it was natural to go to Old San Juan, and even more so to El Morro. The weather and lighting were perfect. This was actually one of the last images from their post wedding session. They were tired and ready to go, the bride wanted one more photograph as we walked to the rental car, and this is what we captured.” –Rudy & Marta Photography

8. Romance

“This shot was captured just moments after the couple exited their wedding ceremony. They walked down the aisle, through a beautiful mansion, and out onto the front porch. They were alone together for the first time as husband and wife. Rather than following them onto the porch, I hung back to give them a moment alone and was able to capture this through the doorway. It is one of my favorite images from their wedding, and I am so proud to have it hanging in their home.” –Lori & Erin Photography

9. Adventure

“This image is perhaps one of my all-time favorite wedding photographs I’ve made while photographing a portrait session with a bride and groom. This image was captured at Melissa and Steve’s September wedding. The couple had been planning a beautiful outdoor wedding on the family’s farm located in Scottsville, NY.

However, when their big day arrived the weather couldn’t have been more uncooperative; it rained and poured relentlessly the entire day.

Most couples would be deeply despaired and dispirited but these two didn’t let the rain dampen their wedding day excitement. I asked the bride how she wanted to proceed with their photo session and she simply smiled, grabbed an umbrella and said “let’s go play in the rain” – so we did!” –Fotoimpressions Wedding Photography

10. Spontaneity

“Michelle and Jeffrey were as laid back as can be from the start. Food trucks were at their reception and all their friends and family were hanging around the food trucks eating tacos and burgers. It was an overall low key vibe which translated to their guests feeling welcomed.

After their ceremony we started taking their couple portraits and walked around the block of their venue. We were on our way back when we stumbled across this telephone booth. It was at the entrance to a local bar.

I asked them if they would be open to getting in and taking a few shots and their answer was “definitely!” Which normally wouldn’t be surprising coming from a bride and groom but it was an extremely hot day that day and the telephone booth had no circulation running through it. They were troopers and loved every second of it.”  –Alee Gleiberman Photography

What was your favorite wedding day memory? Share the story (or photo) below! 


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Eric Kinney

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