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At Fracture, we regularly run photo contests.

You might be asking yourself, “How can I be one of these winners?” So we’ve compiled a list of 7 tips to help you shoot a photo that will stand out in all the right ways.

1. Promote Yourself

Often voting is in the hands of the people. Promote your entry by sharing with your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram friends. Sometimes the quality of the promotion wins out over the quality of the photo.

2. Read the Contest Rules Carefully

Though the most important part of entering a photo contest is submitting an interesting, high-quality photograph, you could lose out by not reading the rules carefully. Make sure your entry won’t be disqualified because of an avoidable mistake. Another reason to read the rules carefully is to find out how the images you enter can be used by the creators of the contest. Are they free to use them however they wish once you submit? If so, are you O.K. with that?

3. Pay Attention to Theme, But STAND OUT

It’s important to stick closely to the theme of the contest. You don’t want the judges or voters to be scratching their heads wondering how your photo fits into the chosen theme. However, submitting a photograph that fits the theme in a safe, expected way may not be the best way to go. Try submitting photos that will surprise judges and voters – ones that fit the theme in an unusual, captivating way.

4. Enter Early

Don’t procrastinate. Submit your photos early to ensure there is plenty of time for them to get noticed, especially if the winners are determined by public voting. The longer your photo is up, the more likely it will garner enough support to win a top spot!

5. Know Your Audience

You might love the edgy, confrontational shot you captured last week, but if you’re looking for a photograph to submit to a contest that will be judged by mainstream judges or Facebook voters, stick to more light-hearted content. Edgy shots are perfect for contests created by art magazines or photography blogs, so save them for audiences that will appreciate them! Always keep your audience in mind if you want to take home the gold.

6. Showcase Your Passion

If you’re bored by the subject of your photograph, it will often show in the finished product. Photograph what you love to create a dynamic and engaging shot. Balance your interests with the interests of your intended audience to find something you love photographing and your audience loves viewing. Art is equal parts passion and technique.

7. Remember the Basics

The photograph you submit needs to have memorable content, but it also needs to stand out for its technical quality. Make sure photos you submit are focused (unless blur is clearly intentional). Don’t submit a photo that isn’t well exposed, or your photo may be dismissed before the subject is even analyzed. Submit the highest-quality images you can produce. If you settle for less than your best, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Your submissions should demonstrate your skill and enthusiasm for photography.

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We hope to see your entries soon!

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Ariella Phillips

Ariella Phillips

Digital Marketing Intern for Fracture. Keeps up with the Kardashians. Can be found attempting to bake complicated French desserts.