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Car from 3/4 angle

How To Take Better Photos Of Your Car

This blog post features tips from renowned automotive photographer Desmond Louw. In order to show how accessible these tips are to the rest of us, we asked our Director of Media Relations Chuck Ellis, who recently completed the restoration of a 1964 Plymouth Valiant, to use the tips to take some photos of his own car for this post. His commentary can be found on each photo’s caption.   – Editor Putting a camera in every cell phone has made us all …

Post-Processing Your Photos: How To Get Started

Jarrod Erbe is a scientist, educator, and photographer whose images are published in a variety of media world-wide. He shares what he learns about photography and post-processing on his blog and YouTube channel. What is Post-Processing? Post-processing is the act of altering a digital image using image editing software. You may have heard it referred to as retouching, photo editing, or even “Photoshopping”. Of course, you may have also seen examples of extreme post-processing that have caused you to question …