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DPI vs. PPI (and What Makes an Image “High Quality”)

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What is “DPI?” Is it contagious? Or “PPI?” Are there antibiotics for that? Isn’t that what I measure air with in my tires? These terms can be pretty confusing. Our CTO Alex Theodore took the time to write up a pretty fantastic piece explaining the difference between them, and what makes an image “high-quality.” Enjoy. Ever since digital cameras began entering the hands of everyday people, we have all been confused on what exactly all those technical terms like “pixels“, …

The Single Best Way to Get the Greatest Prints of Your Photos

What do you mean my file isn’t big enough? Every single day dozens of people upload their photos to get as Fractures and every day around a third of them end up disappointed because they’re told the size of their photos is too small. “But it looks fine on Facebook!” we sometimes hear. So, in attempt to A) provide some clarity and helpful information, and more importantly, B) help you to get MUCH better photo prints (at Fracture or anywhere), …