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4 Reasons Why Photos Are Meant To Be Shared

Carolyn Hutchins is a Floridian, landscape photographer, adventure seeker, and conservationist in Kissimmee, FL. Follow her on twitter here. Hi there, my name is Carolyn! I am a photographer and I print my pictures. It doesn’t matter if you call yourself a “professional” photographer or not, we all love taking photos. While there are many reasons we do so, one thing is constant; photographs are meant to be shared. 1. Digital Only Goes So Far Sometimes it’s easy to forget that …

DPI vs. PPI (and What Makes an Image “High Quality”)

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What is “DPI?” Is it contagious? Or “PPI?” Are there antibiotics for that? Isn’t that what I measure air with in my tires? These terms can be pretty confusing. Our CTO Alex Theodore took the time to write up a pretty fantastic piece explaining the difference between them, and what makes an image “high-quality.” Enjoy. Ever since digital cameras began entering the hands of everyday people, we have all been confused on what exactly all those technical terms like “pixels“, …