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Turn Over a New Green Leaf

By February, most of our ‘resolutions’ are distant memories. Let 2019 be the game changer and make real goals for a more eco-friendly lifestyle! I’ve got 6 tips to get you started. I’m Tara, founder of The Zero Waste Collective. I was inspired to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle after traveling and witnessing environmental degradation and trash in our oceans firsthand. I’ve been living low waste for nearly 2 years now, and I’ve implemented all of the tips you’ll find …

Forget Monday! At Fracture EVERY Day is Green.

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Yesterday was “Green Monday”, the newest sibling in the retail holiday shopping days. While we applaud the candor of the day being named after money, it honestly made us think about how focused we are on another kind of Green. Nope. Not that either. #smh Fracture is passionate about maximizing the eco-friendliness of our company and our products. Click To Tweet We thought that on the heels of Green Monday would be a great time to share why we do our best …