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Have you ever faked it when you opened a present you didn’t like? Admit it, you’ve done it. I know I have. Where you act all excited and say “You shouldn’t have” and secretly, you really mean it? It’s not a great feeling.

But buying gifts that really nail it is hard sometimes. That’s why photo gifts are so perfect. It’s already a special photo that celebrates friendship or family, and a special moment shared. Unique photo gifts can be a fantastic gift idea for a bunch of occasions you may not have even considered. Like these great gifts our customers have given:

Graduation Gifts

This is probably one of, if not the most, exciting moment in any student’s academic career. When you’re thinking about gifting a Fracture for graduation, think about their actual graduation photos or some of the things they did at school. Gifting them this memory will be sure to put a smile on their face every time they see it.

[imagecomp id=”11″]

This is our daughter Morgan filled with joy and excitement celebrating her accomplishment of graduating from FAMU. This is an awesome photo by itself, and I did not think it was possible to get any better. But placing this picture on glass brought it to another level of uniqueness. -Cynthia C.

Birthday Gifts

Not sure what birthday gift to get, but you know you want it to be meaningful? We’ve got you covered. Pick a photo either you know they like or you know they took. Often times, the ones they took come with special memories, like this one:

[imagecomp id=”12″]

The photo was taken in Burano, Italy. It was snapped by my fiancé, Dayna Warren. As evident in the photo, we woke up to a rather dreary day, and I am sure I spent the morning bemoaning how the weather was going to detract from our island hopping plans. We visited quite a few Italian towns and cities during this trip, and this stood out as a very distinct memory and one of Dayna’s favorite photos. I purchased the large size Fracture as a surprise birthday gift to commemorate the trip and it now hangs in our living room as a nice reminder. The Fracture printed great by the way! I was a little nervous, given the photo was taken on an iPhone. -Mike S.

Valentine’s Day

It’s easy to feel like you have to buy flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day, but who said that’s what makes or breaks the holiday? It’s all about showing you love someone, in big or small ways. So that could very well mean red roses and assorted candies, or it could be a cute and clever glass print.

[imagecomp id=”13″]

I’m a Firefighter in the United States Air Force currently deployed overseas. I wanted to do something unique for my wife back home for a Valentine’s Day gift. We came up with this idea of utilizing some equipment to send a message to our loved ones. A simple message expressing to my wife how much she means to me. I love everything about her and for always supporting me.

Commemorative Gifts

One of the best ways to commemorate someone is with a memory, and one of the most unique ways to preserve a memory is with a glass print. It’s bound to make their loved ones happy.

[imagecomp id=”14″]

I’m standing on top of basecamp Mt. Everest. The woman in the picture is my mother when she was a child. She passed away on November 13, 2015, and she was my best friend in the world. My mother and I never got the opportunity to travel together, and she never really went anywhere other than her hometown in Texas. In 2016, I went into a deep depression after a series of events.

On the anniversary of her death, I started traveling with her baby picture and have been documenting my travels with her picture of places ever since. This photograph was taken during Mother’s day, and the trek was a tribute in her memory. She has been with me every step of the way through my journey to happiness and joy again. The woman that ordered the picture was Lisa Tyrell, and she was my mother’s best friend. She had it sent to me when returned so that I’d always have a reminder of my travels with my mother. -Laura Trevino


Just Because Gifts

It’s also nice to give people gifts simply because you know it will make them smile.

[imagecomp id=”15″]

John Patrick Dugan married Donna Lee Miller on July 29, 1961 in Wilmington, Delaware. This photo was taken as they were leaving the church to go to the reception. This year they celebrated 55 years of marriage. I stumbled upon Fracture and thought it was a neat idea for a gift. I submitted the photo and was amazed at the finished product. My folks love it, as they are at a point in their lives where things mean less, but a photo – a photo is special – it’s a memory. And having that photo made into a Fracture is a uniquely beautiful way to display that memory. – Christine O.

[imagecomp id=”16″]

Recently a very good friend of ours had a death in the family. She expressed an interest in having a piece before, so we ordered one of the prints that we knew that she liked from Fracture. We sent it without telling her, just letting it show up. It was a pretty incredible experience and a very personal one that I think brought her a lot of happiness.

I love to give Fractures as gifts because of the joy that it brings to people, especially unexpectedly. If they receive a gift of something that they find beautiful, and it brightens their day, it makes me feel great. -Brock B.

You can read more about Brock’s story here!

Helpful side note: You can actually add a free gift note to any order from Fracture, and we never include an invoice in any of our packages.

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