We’re pulling ads from The Ingraham Angle

Here at Fracture, we’ve built our business around the idea that what we do matters and that all of us are responsible for creating a better world. It’s central to everything that we do.

Last night one of our ads aired during an episode of The Ingraham Angle during which Laura Ingraham expressed alarming views that run entirely counter to the values that we hold as a company. We are taking this matter very seriously and as a result we are taking swift action.

Effective immediately, we are no longer advertising on The Ingraham Angle. We will also be taking this opportunity to thoughtfully update our media buying guidelines to ensure that our ad dollars are being spent in ways that align with our values.

Thank you to everyone who reached out to us to express their concerns – we hear you. It is important for the future of this country that companies be diligent and mindful in how their ad dollars are spent.

We believe in freedom of speech, but we certainly don’t have to support hate speech with our advertising dollars.

Abhi Lokesh
CEO of Fracture

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