Your Grandkids Are Stinking Cute

A celebration of cute grandchildren

“What a bargain grandchildren are! I give them my loose change, and they give me a million dollars worth of pleasure.” – Gene Perret

I have never seen my mom’s face light up like she does when she sees my little daughter. And as a big fan of my daughter too, that’s no surprise to me. But there’s something special about grandkids.

And when you can’t be around your grandkids, photos have to fill the gap. We’re lucky at Fracture because we get to see so many cute faces of kids and grandkids, which is why we have no trouble letting you know: your grandkids are stinking cute!

With Grandparents Day a week away, we decided to ask a few of our customers about their images of grandkids and they were happy to share this goodness with the rest of our audience.

And check out below for a chance to show off your own cute grandkid photos and maybe even win a free Fracture print!

(Some of) Fracture’s Cute Grandkids

Photo: Justina Saxby

“This is a sneaky photoshoot I did with my grandson, Nolan! He loves cars and water so we spent one afternoon playing in the Rocky River! He played with his cars and I played with my camera.” – Justina Saxby

“This particular shot of Ella was taken by her maternal grandmother, who does this in her spare time. It is a good capture of the affection that Ella exudes in all of us. This is one of my favorite impromptu pics of her. You can see her Pappy adores her!” – Carmella 

“My father wears a similar hat and is well known for wearing them. A friend of his had these hats made for his first and only grandson, my son Asher.” – Kristi

Photo: Heather Shreve

This is my granddaughter Evelina when she was about 16 months old. They live in Norway and on an evening walk they let my granddaughter down to touch the flowers in a field near their home on the island.” – Thomas

“This little Australian was visiting her Texan grandparents for the first time. We took this photo on an iPhone to remember her first Easter and it is now happily displayed on Fracture glass in America and Australia.” – Lynetta

Photo: Tracy Maisch

“This is my granddaughter Amelie and her mommy Jamie, just hanging out in the garage trying on motorcycle helmets a couple of months ago. For whatever reason, the garage is Amelie’s favorite part of my house, and we have spent many hours discovering the wonders it holds.” – Tracey

We’re thankful for these grandparents for sharing their cute grandkids’ photos. Now, it’s YOUR turn!

Grandkids Photo Contest

Click the Facebook post below and comment with your cute grandkid photos for a chance to win a Fracture glass print worth up to $135.

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How many grandkids do you have? Let us know below!

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