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Abhi Lokesh

Abhi Lokesh

Co-founder and CEO at @fractureme. Husband to Aimee. Proud papa of Rajah. Master of naps + The Office. Fan of peanut butter + pizza.

Fracture is 5 years old! A word from our CEO.

Only 45% of businesses make it to their 5th birthday. We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve done to be able to say that we’re turning 5 years old this November. Since 2009, we’ve shipped over 55,000 orders to over 40,000 customers worldwide! It is in the spirit of birthday reflection (and because it is #ThrowbackThursday) that we’re filling this post with images from Fracture times gone by. – Drew Our CEO Abhi Lokesh shared his thoughts on Fracture turning 5. Wow, …

Growing Pains

What happens when you have the best kind of problem? 281. Right now that many people should have their Fractures in their hands, or already on their walls, and they don’t. However you slice it, that’s on us. We gave you and ourselves a due date, and despite our most valiant efforts, we missed it. Rest assured, we’re more committed than ever to take any action needed to prevent any more late orders. The months of November and December 2013 …