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Allen Shorter

Allen Shorter

When I’m not managing projects at Fracture or being a single dad to two tweens, I enjoy photography, surfing, disc golf, and comedy writing. Lately, I enjoy honing my stand-up comedy skills with any opportunity that life or work presents.

100% Dad, 51% Of The Time

I like to describe myself as “100% Dad, 50% of the time.” It’s amazing how many people get exactly what that means. For those who don’t, I am divorced and split custody of my two tween kids 50% of the time. During the weeks they are with me, I try to focus 100% of my time and energy on my relationship with them. When they are not with me, I try to focus 100% of my energy on whatever I …

A Thoughtful Photo Book Project For Your Kids

I have been capturing photos of my kids for 12 years, but aside from a print here or there, I have just sort of hoarded all the photos on a couple of hard drives that I updated a few times a year. Basically, I am a digital photography hoarder. And just like any type of hoarding, it affected my quality of life. Knowing how many photos I already had to sort through made me start taking fewer and fewer new …