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Candice Rios Wenmoth

Candice Rios Wenmoth

Candice Rios Wenmoth is a wife, mama, and communication professor. Her graduate work focused on public storytelling and she has been compelled to share her story ever since. This summer you can find her drinking coffee, dancing to folk songs, and slowly transitioning from professor to stay-at-home mom in the hills of Appalachia.

Not According To Plan: The Beauty Of Imperfect Moments

Put a finger down if you’re guilty of letting life pass you by because you’re impatiently waiting for the next big milestone to arrive. It’s all too easy to spend your entire life preparing for the next big event. And when it finally happens, you might realize it wasn’t quite as amazing as you had hoped — or that you managed to overlook all the little moments that were part of the journey that got you there. All of a …

Moments That Matter: The Possibilities Of A Home

I was born and raised in a restaurant family and, for us, that meant moving around every couple of years as the next best opportunity presented itself. That meant I attended seven schools in 12 years. While I did become a fearless warrior at navigating uncharted lunch table hierarchies, it left me with a pretty malleable understanding of “home.” And so, as an adult, I continued to move. Two dorms and two apartments during college, one townhome and one house …