Why Candid Moments Make For The Most Memorable Photos

Kahran Bethencourt and her husband own a photography business. We joined them on a photo shoot for a family in Atlanta (pictured here) to learn more about getting great family photos.

Why take candid photos?

“Candid photos are some of my favorite photos to capture because they really focus on a moment in time versus stiff, posed types of photos,” Kahran says.

When it comes to candid photography, Kahran says it’s all about capturing the feeling in the moment instead of the perfect photo. Authentic moments are best represented by candid photos.

“When people see a candid portrait of themselves, it really makes them think about how they felt at the time as opposed to how they looked,” she says. “It really just helps them think about and relive that particular moment in time.”

Tips for great candid shots

Great candid shots look effortless, and sometimes when the magic happens, they are, but you can add some magic of your own by preparing well. Candid photos are best when the moment is actually candid, and the subjects are truly caught off-guard.

“I think one of the most important things is looking for the everyday moments. Sometimes we overthink it, but I think those everyday moments are the ones that are usually the best,” Kahran says.

Having a couple of set activities planned will help create those perfect moments that you can easily capture.

“So as families are starting to take their holiday pictures, I would say to find an activity that your kids love, whether it’s riding their bikes or skating, and really just be there to capture those moments,” she says.

Don’t leave your photos on your camera roll.

Too often our best photos gets buried in digital storage, making it hard to find them — and even harder to enjoy them. Print your favorite photos on glass and hang them in your favorite spaces so you can experience your favorite memories every day.

“One of the things I like about seeing a printed photo, when you’re able to see it and feel it and touch it, hang it up on your wall; I think that it really brings that photograph and it brings that memory to life.”

We’re thankful for Kahran and Regis for their help with this video and message. Hopefully, you’re inspired to improve your photo game in time for the next family outing or special occasion.

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