Hands On With Fracture’s Sustainable Packaging Design

Opening a package can be a bit of an adventure.

Anytime you do, there is an inevitable phase where you open the box, and, before you see the thing in the box that you actually wanted or ordered, you usually have to dig through some kind of filler.

Maybe it’s little styrofoam peanuts. Maybe it’s bubble wrap (very therapeutic), or for the Amazon fans, those plastic packets of air. Sometimes the styrofoam is in giant pieces framing whatever it’s protecting.

Perhaps if you’ve ordered from us before, you may have noticed that this filler was conspicuously absent. Being a mostly-glass product, this may have surprised you a bit. How could a glass company forget to put some packing peanuts here to protect their product?

Rest assured, this was no mistake.

At Fracture, we believe in treading lightly on our planet. As a carbon-neutral company, we wanted our commitment to sustainability to impact every part of our process, and our packaging is no exception.

Our first Fracture packaging was a simple, but protective, Styrofoam box. It was great in that it kept our glass prints safe while allowing a cost-effective shipping solution. But our love for the planet kept reminding us that Styrofoam just wasn’t the answer. Thus, we began our search for a better solution.

What we starting using next was honeycomb cardboard, tape, and creativity.

What’s honeycomb, you ask? It’s a type of cardboard that has a “honeycomb” structure inside to make it lighter, eco-friendly, and super protective. Check it out:

We’ve used a combination of recycled cardboard and the honeycomb cardboard (also recycled) to basically create a way to suspend your glass print inside the box.

They’re also more protective, meaning your glass prints are safe from harm all the way to your doorstep. We really love that these boxes are more “green” – not in the color sense, but in a save-the-world sense. We’re using significantly less cardboard and, because the process is standardized, we’re wasting much less material.

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