This Is Summer, Unfiltered

Life isn’t perfect right now — and that’s OK. Instead of faking a smile, why not share something real?

While summer 2020 has been different than expected or even planned, that’s OK. The feeling of community — of creating lasting memories and of embracing new ideas — is still possible. Summer hasn’t been canceled.

We might not be making summer memories at baseball games or family barbecues, but we can share our favorite photos and memories with our loved ones. Tropical getaways and destination vacations might have been postponed, but who says an enjoyable day off requires you to step outside your home?

However you find yourself spending your summer, remember that feeling disappointed by the loss of your picture-perfect summer is all right. Instead of putting a glossy filter on and faking a smile for the world, why not share something real? Life isn’t perfect right now, and that’s OK.

We’ve encouraged the Fracture community to share an unfiltered look into their 2020 summer. This might include reimagining summer memories, a message on body positivity, or sharing how this summer’s changes have affected them. There have already been several incredible stories, including a few partnerships with some of our favorite Instagrammers. So far, all the stories have been inspiring, encouraging, and the type of positivity we want to surround ourselves with every day.

Danae wants to focus on what really matters this summer.

Summer is different this year. It is. And while that can be hard in so many ways, maybe it’s also a chance for us to reevaluate our priorities, and look at what REALLY MATTERS.

Like, hey, less ‘perfect body’ goals, and more ‘feel good, feel the sun, feel the joy’ goals.

Here’s to a new kind of summer.

Jessie shared about her journey toward loving her body.

It’s okay to acknowledge that this summer is not the same, but summer still exists. It’s not perfect. Our lives aren’t perfect. There’s a lot going on in the world. It’s been hard for all of us and this challenge inspires us to be real about it. All the photos from Summer 2020 have been in my home. I miss taking photos at concerts and movie theatres, but I’m making it work! On the bright side, this summer, I’ve really been working on being body positive. I share my stretch marks and journey towards loving my body. That’s my #SummerUnfiltered.

Amarachi spoke about taking care of her mental health and creating her own oasis through reading.

I’ve escaped to the mountains of Kilimanjaro, swam through the deepest parts of the Nile River, traveled to the past then to the future soaking in all that my imagination could handle. I’ve been around the galaxy, then back to earth to center my thoughts and relaxed to the most beautiful stories written by authors I forgot existed and had been sitting on my bookshelves waiting years for us to be introduced… where has your summer taken you?⁣

Feeling inspired?  Learn more about other empowering journeys this summer with the hashtag #SummerUnfiltered, then share your own.

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