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Emily Morita

Emily Morita

Emily is a Senior Copywriting Specialist at Fracture. When she’s not traveling — or dreaming of traveling — you can find her reading at the beach. She’s a fan of musicals, talking in the third person, and Oxford commas.

Dad and daughter at the beach

This Is Summer — Unfiltered

While summer 2020 has been different than expected or even planned, that’s OK. The feeling of community — of creating lasting memories and of embracing new ideas — is still possible. Summer hasn’t been canceled. We might not be making summer memories at baseball games or family barbecues, but we can share our favorite photos and memories with our loved ones. Tropical getaways and destination vacations might have been postponed, but who says an enjoyable day off requires you to …
Zion National Park -- Wild Boyz Photography

Meet The Wild Boyz: Nature Photography With A Mission

Is there anything more impressive than a photograph that takes your breath away? Photographers work tirelessly to become experts of their craft. For wildlife and nature photography in particular, a specific skill is needed: seeing more than what’s being shown through the lens — seeing the shot that could be. Then, patiently waiting for seconds, minutes, or hours for deer to walk through a particular grove of trees or for a bird to take off in flight.  Matt Hamas and …
Family riding on railroad tracks

How To Take Unforgettable Vacation Photos

As summer vacations and trips have started getting canceled or indefinitely postponed, it’s difficult not to dwell on the vacation you could be on or the exploring you might have been doing. Allow yourself to grieve, but don’t forget — there are still many beautiful moments you can be making right now. It’s all-too-easy to be swept away in finding the perfect destination or taking a picture-perfect photo to put on your mantle, but at the end of the day, …
Six women celebrating digital art

This Moment In Art: Lo Harris

Over the years, we’ve noticed an increase in unbelievable art coming through our facility. And we might be a bit biased, but we think that artwork printed onto glass looks amazing. Oftentimes, we’ll share our favorites internally, but we wanted to start sharing them with our Fracture community as well. We’re excited to announce a new monthly series spotlighting artists and their incredible work. Our first artist spotlight features Lo Harris. Lo has been an artist the Fracture team has …

Love In The Time Of Social Distancing: A Wedding On (And Under) The Water

There’s a real power in community. For recent newlyweds Kelsey Swails and Brian Lovering, no sentiment rang truer on their wedding day this past April. As the nation started quarantining and sheltering-in-place, their original venues and vendors started announcing their temporary closures as well. Kelsey and Brian quickly came to the realization that they’d have to postpone their wedding or plan the entire wedding all over again — in just two weeks. Months of planning and preparation were set aside …

The Road To Healing: Update On The Australia Bushfires

Fracture is committed to preserving and protecting our planet. As a carbon-neutral company, we are dedicated to leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible — and we know our Fracture community feels the same. When we announced our partnership with Zoos Victoria for the Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund in January, we were thrilled and humbled that donations reached over $10,470 in just two weeks. While we originally planned on matching up to $10,000, we decided to match 100% and cover all the …