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Emily Morita

Emily Morita

Emily is a Senior Copywriting Specialist at Fracture. When she’s not traveling — or dreaming of traveling — you can find her reading at the beach. She’s a fan of musicals, talking in the third person, and Oxford commas.

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How To Celebrate Your Graduation (Even If You’re Stuck At Home)

While every graduation is a milestone worth celebrating — each one special in its own right — college graduations mark the end of a significant chapter in a graduate’s life. It’s a goodbye to the last vestiges of childhood. For graduates this year, the graduation season may not have been a conventional one, but it is still one that’s been hard-earned. Before you jump into a world of job applications and phone interviews, if you’re able, sit back and enjoy …

The Eyes Of The Frontlines

Now more than ever, we’ve come to lean on human connections. While interacting and communicating with others has gotten a little more challenging recently, it’s still possible — and a necessity. For medical professionals, communication is just one of the ways to connect with patients through their personal protective equipment. PPE isn’t enough to mask smiling faces and a genuine connection with those in need. As all eyes turn to the work going on at the frontlines, one physician assistant …