Creating Packaging That’s Durable Yet Eco-Friendly

Durability is a necessity when it comes to shipping glass. At Fracture, we’ve spent countless hours testing the best ways to ship our glass prints. We’re also committed to leaving a small footprint on the planet. That extends to our packaging and shipping. From offsetting the carbon generated from our shipping to sourcing eco-friendly boxes, we believe reducing our environmental impact is a very necessary step in our production process. 

Each year, we ship hundreds of thousands of glass prints all over the world. We’re constantly looking for ways to reduce our reliance on plastic and single-use shipping products without sacrificing durability or protection of your cherished memories. 

Hear directly from our award-winning customer support team on just how durable our packaging is. They put our packaging to the test — and, while, in all likelihood, your packaging won’t get bunted off a tee-ball stand or dropped from a ladder, rest assured whatever journey they go on getting to your front door, your glass prints will arrive no worse for the wear. 

Our larger glass prints are carefully packaged between honeycomb cardboard sheets and then shipped in boxes made from recycled cardboard. Honeycomb cardboard, a type of corrugated cardboard, makes for lighter, sturdy protection that can be recycled. It also eliminates the need for any packing peanuts, styrofoam, or bubble wrap. 

The only plastic we use are the straps securing the honeycomb to the face of the Fracture print. This honeycomb layer keeps the straps off of the glass and adds another layer of protection. Thick cardboard sheets secured at the bases of each box keep the print secure and centered within the box. 

Our smaller print sizes require even less recyclable packaging — while still providing the same level of protection as our larger prints. These prints are secured in their packing board by plastic straps, and a cardboard piece at the bottom locks into the sides of the box, which prevents the prints from moving during transit.

While most fragile items are shipped within endless layers of packaging and wrapping, our heavily-tested packaging process allows us to drastically reduce any waste generated from our packaging. It’s also given us the opportunity to ship in economically-sized boxes, reducing the shipping costs typically associated with large, glass items. 

Most importantly, the eco-friendly alternative methods we’ve chosen are just as, if not more, effective, than any alternative. Our damage rates are incredibly low — less than 1%. That, coupled with our Happiness Guarantee, ensures every single customer receives a glass print they’ll be proud to hang on the wall. 

As we continue to test and research ways to improve and reduce waste generated by our packaging, our goal is to eventually offer packaging that is completely eco-friendly. From fewer items that need recycling to eliminating single-use plastic, striving for a greener future is always our goal.

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Emily Morita

Emily is a Senior Copywriting Specialist at Fracture. When she’s not traveling — or dreaming of traveling — you can find her reading at the beach. She’s a fan of musicals, talking in the third person, and Oxford commas.

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