Photo Walls: a Sleek, New Take on the Gallery Wall

Our new Photo Walls product makes creating a gallery wall a simple — and fun! — process. Create personalized photo gallery walls with our timeless glass prints and easy-to-use templates.

Our in-house stylists designed each of our eight Photo Walls layouts with you and your home in mind. Simply choose the configuration that matches your space, then hang, sit back — and enjoy your cherished moments on display. 

The inspiration behind each Photo Wall layout name

We named each Photo Wall layout after important members of our family: our pets. Meet eight of our furry friends on the Fracture team — and the layouts named after them. These are the lovable faces who grace our own Photo Walls — who love begging for treats in the office and can be seen in the background of our video calls. 

Read on for details on each Photo Wall layout, design space tips and suggestions, and a little more on the pets who inspired each Photo Wall layout name.

Refresh a small space

Want to give your desk area a refresh? Try one of these four layouts for smaller spaces. Measuring between 21.9″ x 16.9″ and 31.5″ x 31.7,” each comes with three glass prints to display your favorite memories with friends and family. This layout would be ideal for the space above a desk or nightstand. 

Build a one-of-a-kind statement wall

Frankie and Finnigan are our medium-sized layouts, at 33.2″ x 26.7″ and 45.3″ x 20.8,” respectively. Featuring four and five glass prints, these designs were made with slightly larger spaces in mind (i.e., a wall above the bed, along your entry wall, or as artwork framing a dresser). 

Personalize a larger space

Ruby and Rajah are our largest layouts — similarly, they’re named after our resident “Petite Dane” and Yellow Lab. These measure 30.6″ x 25.5″ and 38.9″ x 31.7″ and were designed for the larger spaces in your home. Specifically, think about the space behind your couch, above an entertainment center, or the larger, hard-to-fill walls in your dining room. 

Get started with Photo Walls

Begin by identifying the space you’d like to decorate. Next, look through the gallery wall layouts that fit your dimensions and choose a design that fits your space. After that, the fun begins! 

If you haven’t already decided on your prints, we suggest starting with a color scheme or a theme. For example, select your wedding photos, pet photos, or family photos. As you choose your images, keep your layout in mind. Especially, focus on the number of prints and the size of each print— so image selection is less overwhelming. 

Each Photo Walls order comes with a reusable hanging template, ensuring that assembly can be completed in minutes. Create a photo gallery wall that breathes life into your home.

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