7 Storyboard Ideas to Tell Your Story

Life is made up of millions of moments that weave together to tell a grand story. What’s even more amazing is that no two stories are exactly the same. Think about it: Even if one person shares the same experience with another, their perceptions of the same shared experience can be totally different.

Alright, we might be getting a little too philosophical here. The point is that there are so many moments worth celebrating and countless unique, personalized stories to tell with them. Life’s most precious stories deserve to be told, and what better way to tell it than through photos?

That’s why we created Storyboard. Made of solid wood and designed to securely display your glass prints, Storyboard is the perfect way to share the moments that matter most. The unique grooved surface allows you to easily slide, layer, and switch out your prints to tell the story that’s uniquely yours. Read on for 7 Storyboard ideas to get you started.

Use Storyboard to tell the story of adopting your pet

1. Adopting your pet

Our furry friends are always so photogenic. (They totally deserve to be displayed loudly and proudly on your walls!). Use Storyboard to tell the story of adopting your pet. For example, start on the left with a glass print of the day you first brought them home. Next, display a cute milestone such as your cat climbing onto your shoulder for the first time or your dog’s adorable head tilt when he first recognized his name. You can also use a glass print to display moments such as pet play dates, birthdays, or even naughty moments. (While you were probably livid that Fido tore up your favorite throw pillow, we’re guessing the guilty look on his face was priceless.)

A Fracture employee's own Storyboard of her dog

There are plenty of great moments with your furry companion to reminisce with a Storyboard display. Check out the puppy Storyboard below put together by Cristina, one of the Fracture team’s own!

Tell your love story through Storyboard

2. The story of us

We’re suckers for love, so this is one of our favorite Storyboard ideas. Storyboard works particularly well for depicting a love story. Show the progression of your relationship with your partner through photos. First, start with the earliest photo of you two together (perhaps the day you met or a first date). Next, include a photo of your first vacation or road trip together. Finally, finish off with some big moments such as your wedding, buying your first home together, and so on. This type of Storyboard is ideal for the bedroom or a space where you and your partner spend a lot of time together or do shared activities.

Showcase your kids' growth with Storyboard

3. Watch your kids grow

People often look back on life and think, “Time flies by so fast!” And this is especially so when you’re a parent. That being said, showing your kids’ growth over the years is another great Storyboard idea. Of course, the first glass print on display should be a cute baby photo. From there, however, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few Storyboard ideas:

  • Baby’s first toothy smile
  • First steps
  • First day at preschool
  • Your child and your pet(s)
  • First tooth to fall out
  • Birthday parties
  • Dance recitals or sports games
  • Trips to Disney World
Travel stories are great Storyboard ideas

4. Show off your travel stories

Speaking of trips…that brings us to the next theme on our list of Storyboard ideas. If you’re an avid wanderer and have a knack for travel photos, Storyboard is an excellent way to show off your various adventures. This example doesn’t have to necessarily follow a chronological pattern like our previous ideas; your Storyboard can be a vivid compilation of your favorite trips over the years.

This type of Storyboard allows you to feed your wanderlust and can even inspire you to go out and make more display-worthy memories!

5. Stories of accomplishments

We’re strong believers that every little win in life is worth celebrating. (Just take a look at our 5 ways to celebrate your growth.) So showing off your wins is one of our top Storyboard ideas. From graduating college to hitting a personal record in the gym, recognizing all of our wins is a force of positivity that can’t be beat. Storyboard lets you show off your accomplishments while maintaining a sleek aesthetic. Arrange this Storyboard in your home office or the room in which you do yoga most often for a motivation boost.

One of our favorite Storyboard ideas is to display your favorite art

6. Display your favorite art

Aside from traditional photos, our customers love printing art as well. Our rule of thumb is that you can upload any image you’d like, as long as you have the permission or rights to print it! So check out your favorite artist on Etsy and download their digital prints. Another option is to upload your own art by scanning it. Whatever you decide to print, you can be sure that your art will look stunning on a Storyboard display.

7. Standalone decor piece

Storyboard is so versatile, in that you can mix and match different decorative pieces on the wooden shelf. You can change them based on the seasons, holidays, or recent events in your life. Storyboard is definitely something you can get creative with!

Every day, your story unfolds in a thousand tiny moments. The quiet moments, the moments of celebration, the moments that are so full of love that you feel like your heart will burst—each one layering upon the last to create the person that you are. Your story deserves to be told. Let the world see what life looks like through your eyes with Storyboard.

We can’t wait to see yours! Style your Storyboard now.

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