3 Ways to Put Up Glass Prints – How to Hang a Picture

FAQ: How do you put up glass prints? And more importantly, how complicated is it?

Our answer: There are 3 tried-and-true methods to put up glass prints and, fortunately, they’re all hassle-free!

All of our prints come with a backing that is completely ready for wall mounting—all you need is the included screw! If you have restrictions in your space or need to get creative, don’t worry; we have some other good options for you as well.

Use the included screw and ruler to measure when you put up your glass prints

1. Use the included screw and a ruler to measure

  • Yep, just the one screw is enough to support the weight of all of our print sizes.
  • To put up glass prints, insert the screw into the wall using a drill or screwdriver until it’s close to flush with the wall. The keyhole cutout in the backing will fit right over the top of the screw.
    • TIP: Measure from the top glass edge of your print to the top of the keyhole cutout on the backing to get an exact distance. Then, you can put your screw in the wall based on where you want the top of the print to end up. 
  • If you need to make sure your print is precisely lined up with another print or something else on your wall, don’t skip the measuring!

Try the toothpaste method for screw alignment when you put up glass prints

  • Dab a little spot of toothpaste right on the keyhole where the screw will be placed. For our prints, a good spot is right at the top curve of the keyhole cutout. 
  • To avoid a giant glob of toothpaste, use another tool first so that you can apply it with more precision.
  • Lift your print up and press it flat against the wall’s surface where you want to hang it. Once you’ve flattened it against the wall, pull the print away from it. You’ll see a perfectly marked spot with the toothpaste.
  • Insert your screw right below the mark, and set your print on the screw as usual.

2. Use Command Strips for screw-free hanging

  • Perhaps you’re renting your home or simply want to avoid getting out the spackle, if you decide to do some rearranging. Did you know you can use Command Strips to put up glass prints?
  • Use the 3M “Picture Hanging Strips”— these have two sides that click together like Velcro. This is important for keeping your print backing intact and damage-free if you ever move it.
  • Use the Medium strips for our smaller print sizes and the Large strips for the largest sizes, following the guide below.
  • For optimal placement, each strip should be half an inch from the edge of the backing.
  • Press the strips onto the print, and then the print onto your wall. Follow the Command Strip instructions to make sure they’re perfectly adhered.

3. Our stands are perfect for tabletop or desk display

  • Our black, powder-coated steel Print Stands are a low-profile way to display our smaller prints without wall mounting
  • The glass edge and backing fit perfectly within the front ridge of the stand. Simply set it in and let the stand support its weight.
  • If you’re planning to put up glass prints on a shelf or very narrow table, make sure you have enough space—the Small Stand is 3.3” deep and the Medium Stand is 4.1″ deep.
Fracture Print Stands are perfect to put up glass prints on a tabletop or desk

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