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Photo App Review: Adobe Lightroom

Hi – I’m Shelby. I’m a marketing intern at Fracture with a passion for video production. Lately, I’ve also become interested in developing my photography skills. Sometimes the natural lighting in a shoot just isn’t ideal, and you have no choice but to shoot the best you can with what you have. Making those “meh” lighting shots look incredible is where Adobe Lightroom shines (no pun intended). What is Lightroom? Adobe Lightroom is an app for capturing, editing, and organizing …

The Best Photo Editing Apps for Your Computer or Phone

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Photography used to be all about the camera, the film and the photographer. You could work some darkroom magic (which a few people became amazing at), but you could only really work with what the film had already captured. Technology has brought an entirely new section of what the Art of Photography really includes. And that is Digital Photo Editing. Check out our picks below for some of the best editing apps for computers and phones. Computer Paid: Photoshop (and …