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Hilary Droke

Hilary Droke

Hilary Droke is the Social Media Coordinator at Fracture. She loves cinnamon candles, her red Doc Martens, and anything aesthetic. When she’s not curating our social media feeds, you can find her at a thrift shop or trying out a new vegan recipe.

Our First Free Lightroom Preset With Ryan Longnecker

I’m going to be honest — I’m pretty obsessed with editing photos for Instagram. Like, maybe too obsessed. So let me share with you a little wisdom I’ve picked up along the way. You know those perfectly curated feeds you see while scrolling? They aren’t just a product of meticulous framing and lighting — though that definitely helps. Chances are, they’re using presets in a tool like Adobe Lightroom. Presets are easy, one-tap filters you can apply to any photo …

Adventure Photography: A Chance To Help Puerto Rico

Great photography captures a story you just can’t help but share. Adventure photographer (and Fracture fan) Joshua Church found that kind of story when he traveled to Puerto Rico to help out his friend Sofia. She’s trying to restore Sol Luna Luz, a wellness retreat that was hit hard by recent hurricanes. The refuge will help heal the devastation experienced by an entire community in the last two years. When we heard his story and the cause he’s supporting, I …