What It Means To Be Carbon Neutral

Fracture is a carbon neutral company. What that means is that we try very hard to reduce our carbon emissions as much as possible, and then we completely offset what is left through the planting of trees. It’s not just a badge we show off; It’s central to how our company operates.

How did we get here?

Since Fracture launched in 2009, the company has strived to be eco-friendly and conscious of our impact on the environment. We’re obsessive about recycling, reducing waste, reusing whatever we can, even using natural light in our offices as much as possible. 

We recycle all of the glass that doesn’t get shipped to customers. It’s something we had to proactively do on our own, overcoming whatever roadblocks stood in the way. It took a ton of energy to find a partner that would take and recycle it. Since then we’ve recycled hundreds of thousands of pounds of glass.

Beyond being reactive with the way that we recycle things that we’ve already consumed and the waste that we make sure goes to the right places, we’re actually trying to be proactive and instill these principles in every single person in our company. Honestly if we didn’t produce carbon, we’d probably still be planting trees. We love trees. It’s part of our city, it’s part of our culture, it’s part of the fabric of our company.

Fracture believes in treading lightly on our planet.

We take it upon ourselves to be as responsible and considerate to our environment as possible; ecologically, socially, and fiscally.

The world is an incredible, beautiful place. It’s the canvas upon which our stories and memories are created.

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