Meet Some Delighted Fracture Customers

We don’t know about you, but we think Fracture glass prints are the best route to go when it comes to decorating a bare wall in your home or gifting for any occasion (happy tears guaranteed!).

Luckily, you don’t have to take our word for it. From stories of love and loss, to promptly replacing broken prints (glass isn’t always foolproof, of course), to simply spreading positivity, we’ve got plenty of customer experiences to brag about. Take a peek at some of our favorite stories we’ve received from our customers over the last few months.

Fracture glass prints make the perfect gift for any occasion

Too good not to brag about

“Fracture is the best, both in terms of customer service and products. I had previously bought a Fracture print and I have it displayed on a table near the entrance to my house. Every person that walks into the house compliments it.”

– Shelley

“I want to thank the Fracture Support Team for helping me with a glass print I gifted to my son. The new print came today, and I hope to get it over to his house tomorrow. Fracture sure knows how to keep their customers. I’ll make sure all my friends know how you took care of me. Thanks for being so attentive to my needs.”

– Mary

The Fracture team goes above and beyond for our customers

Going above and beyond

“We have been Fracture customers for the last couple of years, and we are continually impressed with the level of care and support provided with magnificent pictures. Fracture has allowed my girlfriend, Sarah, and I to display some of our greatest moments falling in love together as a couple.

But this holiday season, we were truly blown away when the Fracture team gifted us a book inspired by one of our photos. On one of our trips, we took a photo next to a mural of Anthony Bourdain. Fracture went above and beyond and sent us a copy of one of his books. Sarah and I couldn’t believe the amazing, heartfelt gift from strangers on the other side of the country. It truly touched us and was one of the highlights of our holiday season.

I have never had such a positive experience with a company like I’ve had with Fracture. We love our prints, and we also appreciate how wonderful the people at Fracture are. In fact, I always talk up Fracture to others. We will absolutely be customers for life, as there is no value I can put on the memories Fracture has helped me capture with my sweetie. Thank you to the Fracture team for the great gift and for being awesome people! We need more of this heartfelt spirit in our world.”

– Mario

“I just want to send a big thank-you to your team and especially to the employee who helped me with my order during chat. She was so helpful, professional, and compassionate. My initial order arrived broken, and she assured me that a new print would arrive in time to replace the damaged one.

She asked if it was a gift, and I explained it was and that it was the photo of our family pet that had passed away just a week before. She offered me her condolences and again reassured me that I would get the replacement by the following day. I did, in fact, receive the replacement without incident. But this woman took it a step further!

The other day I received a beautiful gift in the mail: A framed remembrance of my pet ‘Wyatt,’ a Labrador retriever who lived to 13 years old. Inside was a note stating, ‘We hope this helps to remember your love of your time with Wyatt. Signed, Your Friends at Fracture.’ This seriously brought me to tears, and made my day.

I was so impressed by this gesture, and I can’t thank you enough. It truly was a compassionate and beautiful gesture I will never forget.”

– Robert

Cherish your special moments with Fracture

Helping you cherish special moments

“The glass print I received from Fracture was so beyond my hopes. The photo I submitted was a very old, partially damaged photo of my dad at flight school in 1959. I cried when I saw what Fracture did with it, completely bringing it to life. I had tears of amazement and joy. I’m forever grateful to Fracture for doing such a beautiful job for its customers!”

– Michelle

“My order came today, and I am simply delighted with my glass print. I have a granddaughter who played tackle football on a boys’ team this year. She’s a very determined 13-year-old who loves sports but prefers to play on the boys’ teams. I take many photos of her playing but only keep a handful of good shots. This photo shows her catching a pass, and it’s going to make a fabulous gift for her birthday. Thank you so much and I’m going to recommend Fracture to all my friends. What a unique and treasured gift.”

– Virginia

Honor loved ones no longer with us with a glass print

Honoring loved ones no longer with us

“I wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I love the glass print I ordered. It was a photo of our old lady, Bailey, who we unfortunately had to put down recently. The quality of this Fracture print is nothing short of superb and also will allow us to keep Bailey in our memory for years to come. Thank you so much!”

– Jerry

“I recently purchased and just received my Fracture print today. I have to say that my wife is going to absolutely be blown away. It was a photo of her holding her dying father’s hand on Christmas Eve of 2014. Although I haven’t fully taken it out of the box, just by looking at it in its packaging, it looks perfect. Thank you all so much. This truly made my day.”

– Todd

“I recently purchased a Fracture print for my wife’s birthday. The picture is of one of her dogs that passed away last year on her birthday. I can’t describe the joy and tears that this brought out of her. We’ve been married for 38 years, and this is the first thing I’ve given her that brought tears to her eyes! I can’t thank the Fracture team enough for their great work and service. We will definitely be repeat customers.”

– Shawn

Glass prints are certainly something to smile about

Something to smile about

“Fracture is AMAZING. Just a little backstory: My husband of 39 years was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Large B-Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I wanted to help support him during this difficult time and perhaps bring a smile to his face, so I ordered three glass prints of various family memories. I was so worried about finding the perfect gift, but I didn’t need to be. Words cannot express the joy written across his face when he opened his gift. It warmed my heart, and was the most special moment during our time of hardship. I love Fracture and will continue to order ALL gifts for my family from your company going forward. Please keep me on your mailing list so I can continue to get any specials Fracture may have.”

– Sandra

“Are you for real? This is the best service I have ever experienced. Fracture really treats its customers kindly and respectfully. Please understand that the Storyboards have been a huge part of my pandemic sanity-saving project. My husband and I are in our mid 70s, both with underlying medical issues, so we’ve been spending a lot of time at home. We have three children and two grandchildren. One son and his grandchildren live in Japan, and the other son lives in Seattle. Needless to say, we have not made our annual trip to Japan by way of Seattle, and we are sadly missing our usual time in Florida.

Many years ago, I started our first ‘wall of shame.’ It included various pictures of the kids. They hated it at the time, but now whenever they’re home, that’s the first place they go. Since that time, I’ve added two more large walls of shame. When I first saw Fracture products, I knew that one small wall was going to hold my newest pictures. Fracture has done a beautiful job with all of the photos I’ve submitted, and I love the way the Storyboard shows them off. Fracture prints are wonderful, and the customer service is beyond belief. Many thanks!”

– Catherine

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