5 Photogs Share Why They Love Printing Their Photos

Photos are our memories. As technology continues to advance, we’ve become accustomed to saving our images online. Then, we browse through our phones and tablets to show our loved ones cherished moments. And as thousands of photos continue to be taken throughout our lives, most images are unlikely to be seen by human eyes at all. This is one reason why printing your photos is such an important and beautiful ritual

When you print your photos, you have a physical copy to share with the world (or admire yourself). You can gift your prints to loved ones—even decorating with gorgeous glass prints or creating sentimental Photo Walls displaying your memories in the comfort of your home. To inspire you to save a few physical copies of your own, we connected with 5 inspirational photographers. They share why they love printing their photos and how you can pick up a camera and start your photographic journey too.

Photographer Haley Gasparine loves printing her photos

1. Haley Gasparine

For 24-year-old photographer Haley Gasparine, printing her images makes them feel more real. “Seeing my photos digitally is a rewarding experience. But being able to hold and touch a piece of art I’ve created makes it that much more special,” Gasparine says. “It’s the final product of hours of hard work come to fruition.” As a portraiture and cinematic portraiture photographer, Gasparine finds joy in capturing the human experience. She enjoys basking in the beauty around her and making her clients feel like they, too, are “a work of art.” 

One of Gasparine’s inspirations is blogger and storyteller Carissa Potter, who uses her brand, “People I’ve Loved,” to document the human experience. “Her writings are always incredibly thought-provoking and have inspired a lot of the ideas I have for my own art and photography,” Gasparine says. And while she typically displays her photos within a laminated portfolio, she hopes to own her own photo studio to display them in large poster sizes on the walls, or even in a large collage. 

For those looking to improve their photo skills or become photographers themselves, Gasparine recommends finding courses online. “The beauty of the internet is that there are thousands upon thousands of incredible photographers online willing to educate and share their expertise for free,” Gasparine says. “The key to growing and improving your craft is to practice every single day.”

Photographer Sebastian Bass loves printing his photos

2. Sebastian Alexander Bass

New York City native Sebastian Bass credits his late mother as one of his inspirations. When he was young, she passed away during 9/11, leading Bass to use photos, videos, and writings to feel connected to her. “If it weren’t for these photos and videos, I’m not sure how I’d be able to form a connection with my mother. Now, I strive to do that for others,” Bass says. “Whether it’s a concert or a portrait, I tend to freeze and solidify different moments in life so they can last forever.” 

The 22-year-old’s niche is portraiture and live music photography—where he seeks to transport you into the concert or highlight the people in his photos. He believes in building people’s stories and making the viewer feel like they know someone they don’t. “For me, photography is all about the intimacy between the subject, the story, and the viewer,” Bass says. And when it comes to printing his photos, he loves the intimacy of the process. “You have to make sure that everything you capture on film transfers over just the way you want it,” Bass says. “To print, it’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality.” Overall, printing completes his photographic cycle.

Photographer Nicholas Leach loves printing his photos

3. Nicholas Leach

As the founder of Honey Lens Photography, Nicholas Leach loves being behind the camera. He was inspired by his passion to “create a vision for anyone,” with most of his work focused on wedding and brand photography. “I love to print my photos because it’s a reminder that I captured that moment and nobody else did,” Leach says. “I love putting my prints on my walls and other peoples homes.” 

The 25-year-old references Tara Whited Photography as one of his inspirations due to her ability to “bring memories to life.” And for those who yearn to do the same, Leach recommends practicing. “My advice to photographers about how to start is to be patient, and always have your eyes open for a great scene,” Leach says. “Shoot everything and everyone.”

Photographer Mariana Pelaez loves printing her photos

4. Mariana Pelaez

When it comes to printing her work, Mariana Pelaez believes it to be the “ultimate step” to seeing her work done, especially in this digital age. “To have one of my photos printed is an honor and a higher level of pride than to see them published on the web,” Pelaez says. “I also think that people who actually print their photos are more special because they really value their memories.”

The 37-year-old food photographer works with restaurants and culinary brands. She uses her seven years of experience as a restaurant owner to understand the beauty that comes with capturing images of the food, drinks, atmosphere, and people. “What really captivated me from the beginning was how light can change the mood of almost any situation,” Pelaez says. “Capturing what we do helps track our achievements and how we grow in what we do.”

Photographer Mariah Salter

5. Mariah Salter

“When I print my work, I usually prefer larger than life,” says 25-year-old photographer Mariah Salter. “It sort of feels like an insect frozen in time with amber.” It’s a feeling of immortalization that makes Salter enjoy the printing process. The 25-year-old always had an artistic connection since she was young and is most captivated by taking portraits.

Most of Salter’s inspiration is pulled from Donte Maurice, Tyler Mitchell, and Alex Webster, POC (people of color) photographers who are breaking barriers in the craft. “Historically, POC have always been diminished for their accomplishments,” Salter says. “To see these photographers break generational stigmas and have their art displayed on such large scales is truly inspiring.”

We hope these stories and expert takes inspire you to print your own photos. Need some more convincing? Take it from some of our delighted customers! Whether it’s on a single glass print, a Storyboard, or a Photo Wall, you can be sure that your memories will look absolutely stunning on your walls. Get started now!

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