8 Tips to Refresh Your Home Decor Without Breaking the Bank

Springtime is a season of renewal and change. This can mean diving into new and exciting opportunities or finding ways to detox your body of the physical and mental stress of the months prior. And for those with a passion for design, it’s a time to clean your space and refresh your home decor to spruce up the winter blues of the cold weather. 

Refreshing your space can be a fun activity—especially when you’re looking to change your surroundings to match your goals and aspirations for the rest of the year. And while you search for tips and ways to rejuvenate your home, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a financial burden. There are multiple ways to give your home a new look while staying true to your budget. (This doesn’t mean your decor will look any less stylish or vibrant.) To help you on your home refresh journey, we’re sharing 8 things you can do to give your lodging a new look—all while staying on-budget and loyal to your personal aesthetic.

Adorn your walls with photos to refresh your home decor

1. Adorn your walls with photos and paintings

While your walls may already be adorned with pictures and paintings from the months or even years prior, try adding new ones or replacing those older with the new experiences you want to cherish. Turn your photos into works of art with Fracture glass prints or create an eye-catching focal point with a Photo Wall dedicated to your spring adventures. And if you’re an art lover, don’t be afraid to hang your favorite paintings throughout your space. (You can get those printed on glass too!)

A popular design trick you can use to refresh your home decor is to decorate rooms in your home based on their purpose and vibe. While you can always choose multiple pieces that stand out, one large-scale piece will surely make a statement—especially in your bedroom. (For this room, find a piece with blue and natural tones for a calming aesthetic). When it comes to your living room, select artwork with pops of color, and don’t be afraid to get creative; mix and match watercolors, collages, and photography. When it comes to adding photos and art, the ideas are endless—especially when you find pieces that are meaningful to you and your life (expensive options not needed).

Create an accent wall to refresh your home decor

2. Create an accent wall for a refresh

If your rooms feature one color throughout, an accent wall can bring that fresh and modish look your home needs to stand out from your past design looks. In fact, you can create an accent wall on your own. Put your DIY project skills and passion to use by picking one of your favorite colors and painting one wall in a new shade. Instead of only painting the wall a different color than the others, you can spruce it up with geometric patterns or lettering. For a glamor-inspired space, DIY a glitter accent wall or add a unique look with chalkboard paint for a more contemporary feel. 

Other ways to create an accent wall include leaving your other walls blank while adding your paintings or photos to only one section (aka a gallery wall). Paintable and patterned wallpaper are also great alternatives to painting on your own.

Remember, when choosing the right color or design, think about how it will complement the rest of your room’s design. Here are some questions you can think of when choosing the right design to refresh your home decor:

  • What do you want you and your guests to feel when they walk into the space?
  • What feelings does your accent wall evoke?
Add greenery to refresh your home decor

3. Add greenery to your home decor

Adding greenery to your home is an easy and inexpensive and eco-friendly way to refresh your home decor. Fresh blooms can enhance your decor while adding the right amount of texture and color for a vibrant feel. They also have the ability to improve your mental health, especially if you experience any stress working from home. While working to keep the air clean and full of moisture, they can also help maximize your productivity.

If you’re worried about going over budget filling your home with your favorite florals and plants, picking wildflowers (or even finding some in your own garden) can be quite cost-effective. Also, make sure to purchase or find plants that are easy and low-maintenance. Some options include aloe, snake plants, and succulents. Dried floral bouquets also make beautiful options and can last years (perfect for making long-term bouquets and arrangements whenever you want a different look). 

Thrift new furniture to refresh your home decor

4. Upgrade your hardware and furniture

This may surprise you, but it’s possible to upgrade your furnishings without breaking the bank. The best way to do it? Using thrifty finds and innovative solutions to spruce up your space with a refreshing look.

If you have any old furniture that you want to keep, try spray painting it. Small furniture and accessories such as lamps, stools, vases, and coffee tables are great items to DIY with a new colorful look. If you want to explore other options, thrifting your furniture is a great way to swap out your torn down pieces with semi-new ones. You can work on shining up your older knobs and brass pulls, while swapping old knobs with modern versions for a sleeker look.

The internet is full of options that are affordable and inexpensive to refresh your home decor. Swapping out smaller pieces for more stylish ones can revamp anything old into something unique and pleasantly different.

5. Declutter and rearrange 

It’s easy for clutter to build up. We’re only human, right? As you store the items throughout the years, it’s hard to choose what needs to go and what should stay. This springtime, declutter all unnecessary goods and then rearrange your home for a similar yet different aesthetic. This is especially simple to do and one of the most affordable options to give your space the new feel you’re yearning for (while staying true to the original touches that make your home, home). When you’re ready to change a room’s look, empty the space out, keeping only the larger furnishings you want to stay. (This will help you plan a new design.) 

Once you empty out the space, decide which part of the room will be your focal point. This is what will catch everyone’s attention once they walk in. For a bedroom, this can be artwork or shelving; for a living room it could be the television; and for the dining room, the dining table is the perfect candidate. After you’ve decided on the “star of the space,” start rearranging your furniture, making sure to add spaces for guests to walk around. Since you’ve already decluttered the rooms, don’t position your furniture in a way that makes the space feel congested. Think: easy flow and easy walkthroughs.

Add rugs to refresh your home decor

6. Don’t forget to add rugs to your home decor

Rugs can be overlooked when it comes to refreshing your home decor. However, if you’re unable to pay for new flooring, rugs make great alternatives while you save the money for an upgrade. Using area rugs can make a space feel and look connected. They can also transform one big room into different living areas—all while adding texture and color to a space. And it’s usually almost impossible to design a living room without a rug (it would just feel so empty). 

If you’re unsure what rug to choose for your room, try layering them. Add a single large rug to the bottom, then add small decorative ones on the top. If you want to add a bold feature to your plain space, get creative with a patterned or graphic statement rug. When choosing the right one, always think about how the rug will impact the space and if it matches your personal style and preference.

7. Add some extra love to your bedding 

Your bedroom is your safe haven. It’s only natural you’d want to spruce it up to match a new season or change in your life. Upgrading your bedding will add life to your bedroom’s design (it’s also a surefire mood booster). When refreshing your bedding, think about how you want to feel at night (and even in those cozy naps during the day). Try adding a textured blanket or quilt (bold or neutral patterns, depending on your style preferences). Add some plush pillows for extra comfort, and enjoy the luxurious comfort of silk pillowcases. The goal is to wake up as refreshed as your room’s new design.

8. Give your home a signature fragrance

Scent can trigger strong memories and emotions. Because your home is your comfort zone and personal haven, adding a signature scent can offer a serotonin boost each time you walk in. When choosing your candles, figure out which rooms will have them. In your bedroom, use natural and calming scents such as lavender, jasmine, or vanilla. In your kitchen, light candles that smell clean and fresh to rid the space of the smell of your cooking from the morning or night before. As for your living room, add candles with floral scents for a sense of vibrancy and energy. If this becomes overwhelming, just pick your favorite scent from the bunch and have that be your home’s overall special fragrance.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to preference. And with plenty of options for DIY, thrifting, and budget-friendly finds, you can refresh your decor without breaking the bank.

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